Save pads to new bank/instrument

When I play around in BM3 I often find myself in a position where I have created a number of instruments in 1 bank that do not necessarely belong together.

Now I save the bank, and then remove instruments, save it under a different name and continue the process until I'm left with a file structure that makes more sense, but that is time consuming.

So what I would really love, is a way to save one or more pads (more would be nice, especially when they are linked), with all settings, to a new bank! I haven't found a way to do thas as yet.

I don't know if this has already been suggested, haven't had much time to spend on music/forum recently.


  • Actually, as long as it's just one pad, you can copy it and then paste it in a new bank. Don't know how I missed that...

    So being able to select multiple pads, as suggested elsewhere, would solve this particular issue.

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