Saving banks

I thought the update change log said bank saving could be directory specific. I don't see any options for that. How does this work?


  • When you save the bank it gives you the option to save to current directory, but it only supports top level directories not sub directories (Bug ? )
  • @5pinlink I don't see this option when I save Bank. Just renaming, copy samples, and save patterns.

  • Haveyou updated to 3.0.2 ?
  • same thing here ,
  • @5pinlink ...would you post a shot of how your bank save screen looks?

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    OK i tracked down the issue.
    What you have been trying to do can't be done, which i personally think is a bug @mathieugarcia

    I am going to suggest that the saving for banks is just simply broken and needs a complete overhaul.
    Banks should have the option to be saved to anywhere, and even if we are only keeping the current directory option, then that should actually be the current directory regardless of folder depth, so if i have the bank in 5pin/house/kits it should save to that folder and not save it to the upmost folder (In that example 5pin)
    The way it works now is poor and can easily create duplicates for no reason.

    Also this should reference samples wherever they are, it is not like we are going to lose sample linking on IOS
    If i create a folder structure like this....
    Then pass that entire folder structure to another user, it is always going to be the same folder structure, it is not like they have any options to mess up the structure really, it is IOS
    Currently banks will only work if they are in the 5pin or House folders in that structure, or they wont find the samples, this is an organisational mess
    Maybe you don't want 3rd parties to release banks/kits, but that is going to happen, like it or not, that type of folder structuring is about the most commonplace.
    An alias option would make more sense, get it working now and it solves a ton of issues on the desktop where users can move files to external drives and other locations.

    This is the extra save options this thread cant find

    The reason you can't find them is because you haven't saved the bank, paradox, yes ?
    Save your bank, load said saved bank, now click save bank, viola.
    Like i said, i see this as a bug.

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    @5pinlink Thanks for that most thorough answer.... That is a very odd behavior.

    I STILL don't understand! What am I supposed to do when I first create/save a bank? It's first going to saved in the Bank Presets folder (not other option). If I reload the bank, that options you show still don't appear.

    Bug/Bad design, whichever... I agree. I should be able to bundle up all of my project parts neatly in ONE folder. In BM2, I knew as long as I saved with samples, everything I needed was in that project folder. In this current paradigm, archiving and moving projects seems like it would be quite a bother...

    If I am saving banks in the default location and bank preset folders contain samples, what is that folder of samples in the session folder? Duplicates?

    PS... I give up for now LOL... I'll just keep working and hope there is a sensible fix in the works...

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    Sorry i should have been clearer, I believe the option above only appears when you have moved the bank manually in to a different folder in the browser, basically right now it is a completely broken feature set, I doubt they designed it like this, unfortunately testers can only test as they test, this probably slipped under the radar during testing.

    Yes saving right now is one of the worst design flaws in BM3, but i am hoping they are pushing out these ideas/features as is, to see what breaks, what is not much use, and to see what we need.

    the problem is that some people call for safety in saving, so they want things like save with samples for banks, because at some point they will delete samples from their sample folders, personally i see that as bad personal housekeeping, if you create a bank that you want to save, then you should save in a structured manner
    but most people are too lazy to do that, then when a bank can't find a sample that they have moved, they blame the software then the softwares developers.

    Save with samples under the current IOS filing system will always create duplicates unless Intua changed it to 'Save with samples and delete original samples" which would be a complete disaster for people who actually do proper housekeeping of their file structure.

    My suggestion would be these options
    Save bank to bank presets (As is now)
    Save bank to custom folder (Opens the browser to allow you to pick a folder)
    Archive bank (Saves bank and samples but in a compressed zip file .bm3kz, this would remove duplicate samples but also create an archive that could be backed up for safekeeping, rename the extension to .zip on desktop and you would have a zip file that contained the .bm3k and all the samples)

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