Audiobus Routing to Audio Track

edited August 2017 in Feature Requests

I'd like the ability to choose Audiobus as an input source when recording an audio track. I'm able to see my SonicPort VX as an input source in both Song and Scene view, but the only thing that I'm able to get is the dry signal coming off of the guitar. I want to be able to access the amp sounds in my Mobile Pod app. With Cubasis I fire up Audiobus, load Mobile Pod as an input, select Cubasis as an output, launch both and I'm good to go.

Also, in experimenting with recording guitar/bass there doesn't seem to be anyway to monitor the signal in when recording in Song view. I've kinda figured out how to get things working in Scene view, and there is a 'monitor' option there. From what I can tell you need to have it set the Record Mode to 'Sync' to get things to work properly. The other little thing is that it seems to be recording pre-effects, so no way to load a guitar processing plugin as an effect and get your guitar sound that way.

Hope this is making sense.

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