Record quantise tweak

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any one noticed that when using an external controller to record quickly played notes the sequencer quantises them as 16ths? a note held for longer records normally. could just be me


  • You CAN adjust the quantization when recording :wink:

  • You mean how BM3 will auto-trim really short notes to all be the same length? If so, yeh I get same behaviour. Needs throwing in the bug heap if not already there.
  • Disabling 'note-end quantise' when quantise is on is among the feature requests.

    This is one of those things that drives me nuts at the moment and @mathieugarcia is fully aware of it :)
    It's especially annoying when the trigger mode is set to 'hold' for 'one-shots' it's a 'non issue'.

    Other requests in the same category is the option to set 'gate length' for the repeat function...
    (ie. repeat 16th notes with gate set to 50% would result in 1/32nd events triggered at 1/16th interval).

  • sorry, i should have put when the sequencer is set to free.
    with my hardware sequencer the highest res is 16ths but gate length is what could be considered off grid, so using note length is a way of groovin it up some. like my bass buddy says-it's about what you leave out and well as what you put in. hehe.
    i'm pretty excited to be able to get much more subtle timings when playing tho. even 64ths are way better than what i've got.
    anyways, glad it's not me and intua know

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