Mono/Poly button on Keys Page

Seems like I'm often wanting some polyphony on a pad's sound after I start jamming an idea whilst in the keys page. Like polyphonic chromatic woodblocks/percussive stuff etc.

Currently its quite a lot of taps to exit keys page, hit sample page, specify polyphony, hit pads page, hit keys... Record the idea.

A basic mono/poly option on the keys page would be great. Maybe just a default of mono = 1 voice and Poly = 4 voice. Would cover most situations I've needed it for. On rare occasions I needed more than 4 voices out of the blue, I could just do it the long-winded way, no probs if it's only neccessary now and again.


  • So only visible when using the sampler ?
    Or limit amount of notes sent rather than amount of notes playable in sampler, so that it works with AU too ?

  • I'd only personally need it for sampler. Most AU seem to have mono/poly settings available in their UI?
    Either way would work tho so for me, whichever is easiest to code/quickest to implement ;)
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