freeze and recording

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i was just wondering how far away
Freeze function
Set Master as source for audio Track
Set FX bus as source for audio track
realtime audio export (maybe the wording is wrong, some FX does not render properly but a realtime render would probably solve this)

how far into the future these function might be ?

being able to Freeze tracks would be awesome and would optimize workflow a huge deal


  • Track freeze is definitely a massive necessity on the iOS platform and real time bouncing/bounce in place/routing master busses & AUX tracks into audio tracks would definitely add a lot more possibility and flexibility.
  • Track freeze and AUi freeze with saving, those would both be a real boon.
    Track freeze would be good if they could implement it staggered like some of the better desktop implementations are.
    So if a track has a heavy AUi, you can freeze up to the instrument, but still have control over the level/pan/effects, but if the effects where also heavy, you could freeze up to the effects and still have control over the level/pan etc.

    AUi freeze would create a sampled version of the AU, so that it could be removed and you would have a multisampled version of the instrument instead.

  • Track is getting busy and freeze would save the day!!

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