Idensity style granular

Been digging Idensity a lot the past couple weeks. Can be a bit clunky/limited to use as AU in BM3 tho. Finger 'scrub' movements aren't recorded as automation in BM3. And can't sample direct in to the AU or sync transport start/stop etc.

I know that some granular features have been requested for BM3 already (Automate/modulate sample start/end and loop window etc).

But now I'm thinking why not aim to (gradually....) go the whole hog and look to add Idensity style functionality as a tab/page in the pad/layer sample edit page ;) Adding those Idensity style params/modulations would blow the roof off! Workflow/possibilities would be beyond...

Guessing this kind of stuff is pretty cpu intensive but with resampling and some kind of 'freeze track' function looking inevitable in an update at some point, it wouldn't be a problem in that respect..
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