Multiple Scene 'Page' Banks (& Timelines) Per Session

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Just throwing this out there. For people who like to keep an entire album or body of work inside one project. I usually produce like this for cohesiveness, workflow and various other general creative benefits related seeing & processing the full body of work as a whole.

BM3 would be perfect for this kind of workflow, due to it's positioning half way between a DAW and a digital instrument. Would allow creators to work with a pre-developed 'palate' suitable for both performance and composition, without having to go through multiple active sessions and tweaking them to keep everything matching.

The way I usually achieve this is just along one long timeline, using the tempo track to set different tempos throughout. For BM3 however and it's linked pads and scenes it may be be useful to adopt the 'banks' paradigm, at least for scenes in order to have different scene 'pages', like spreadsheets do in Excel! If there was a tempo track introduced later, scene pages and one timeline would be an optimal solution.

It'd be down the road of course, but any thoughts or opinions here?



  • Sounds like a good suggestion for future :) Once BM3 matures a little I can see it being super useable for full live sets. Can be done now, but might be kind of clunky/workarounds etc.

    And BPM automation would be nice to see asap. Both in fluid automation in song timeline and bpm options per scene/scene column, row.
  • I like it. I can see a whole "live set" direction that BM3 could take with multiple scene pages, tempo adjustments and "easy to use in the dark" sample to a pad mode (with focus actions for midi interactions). It seems like the BM3 vision is a production tool rather than a performance tool. Some developer is going to get the performance tool thing right on iOS at some point. I mean, it's a mobile device that can go to the gig!
  • Glad to hear others agree with me on this. With very few tweaks, BM3 could gain a lot of power ans utility in this area.

    In my opinion, BM3 is already the most deep and practical live performance tool on the platform. UDAGAN is already in rehearsal with our newly updated BM3 rig.

    AUM has a few slight edges right now in globally active MIDI mappings, pre/post control on sends and better stability overall, but BM3's live functionality areas are pretty damn stable already (most of my crashes come from the timeline) and offer deeper possibility in many ways. Once the workflow is tweaked a little more, stability improved and global macros, pre/post etc. added, BM3 will be head and shoulders ahead of the pack.
  • @OscarSouth can I ask how you are you using BM3 live? Are you creating patterns on the fly? Or premade scenes and patterns?
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    @lukesleepwalker controlling custom banks (plus a hosted Viking Synth instance) using MIDI controllers while processing voice/instruments in real time. Lots of sends and audio tracks looping audio out and back in via or additional software processing (hosted on device 2).

    Basically doing what AUM does but with all the extra possibility of BM3 (as well as its sampler and the ability to record to a timeline).

    It's very well suited for this kind of workflow! Global macros, pre/post sends, real time export, ability to control an entire bank from a single channel and a bit more stability would put in on a world class level. I perform with controllers more than scenes/loops, but multiple scene pages would obviously allow a huuuuge amount of possibility for performers.
  • Keep rocking the great ideas, @OscarSouth :)

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