'Reset All' macros (or pattern?) button.

edited August 2017 in Feature Requests
Can't really see a potential space for it in the Macros window but maybe a way to squeeze it in? Or maybe it's another suggested button to possibly put in the left side icons column?

Self-explanatory really... need a way to instantly revert to 'normal' after jamming on a bunch of macros. The more accessible the better for performance use (so if there's space in left column that spot would actually be ideal...).

A 'RM' (Revert Macro) button could -
-Revert all macros in current window when single tapped.
-Long press could have small pop up with option to 'Revert all macros in all banks'. (or Shift + RM could do that instantly without the need for a pop up option/extra tap etc ... if a Shift button is added)

Another option/approach could be similar to above but 'RP' (Reset Pattern). So first we'd need to have the option to 'save pattern'. This would include your default Macros positions etc. Then could jam with a pattern (Macros, notes, timing, sequence length, swing settings etc etc) and then hit 'RP' to return it to its save state..

I know intua are snowed under with bug squashing and ui tweaks but hopefully later in the year/early 2018 we'll start to see some of these kind of additions that would totally nail it being a daw AND performance sampler :)
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