Metering additions to various pages

I apologize if this has been asked in another thread, but it would be nice to have a channel meter in the Editor view on the left side for the pad I have selected so i can see what it is in the mix. I can adjust the pan and volume in the Channel box, but I'd like to "see" what it is set to. It would also be beneficial for workflow to have a solo button in the Channel block so I don't have to hop out to either the Performance or Mixer view. A lot of times I just want to solo the channel or pad that I'm working on and there's not a quick way to do that.

Also, I can't change the volume of a pad/channel when I am in the plugin view of an AU. The only volume I can adjust is on the AU itself and some don't even HAVE volume controls. I have to Hit X in the upper left and adjust it from the Channel Page, then click on the triple dots in the upper left, and do show plugin again. Would be nice to be able to adjust and see that all on the plugin page. Even having a "popout" or "popover" that would come up temporarily would be helpful. And, since there's also no meter, I can't "see" the volume on the channel. If I hop over to the Mix view, now I can't play the keys to see how loud the synth is. I have to adjust it down, hop back over to the plugin, play, oops to low now, hop back over to the plugin page, etc.

IMO, having a Meter and volume control as many places as possible is always helpful :)

Hope that makes sense


  • I would take this idea one step further and give each pad an optional 'meter' (small line on left side of the pad) that indicates it's output level.

    When editing the pads the 'pad number square' could have a similar line indicating it's output level and the 'bank letter square' could include the banks total output level.

    I agree that meters should be present where applicable, ie. where it's possible to trigger a sound a level meter should be present.

    The 'main out' could have a horizontal meter line peaking to left & right from the centre indicating the level located under the main toolbar. (Make it red as homage to Knight Rider hehe).

  • Those are excellent suggestions, @samu! Would be nice to have the meter have the db indicator lines or at least the 0 line and anything above show red.

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