Feature Request: Mackie HUI/Control Support for Transport

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I'm not too bothered about the rest of the mixer (although I'm sure some people would like it) but it always winds me up (and is marginally inconvenient) when there are 5 perfectly good, potentially useful buttons sitting unused on a controller because the host doesn't recognise the format that that the transport messages are sent in.

Just as an extra addition, I find that the transport behaviour is much better for Focus Action transport action than for incoming MMC commands.


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    Transport controls should actually conform to MIDI Machine Control first.
    Most MIDI controllers will support this out of the box, even super old stuff.


    Mackie HUI/Control support is a bit of a git to get going with, Mackie are a complete PITA to get the go ahead and details off, It was a months before they replied to the developers of Reaper, and that had 100k plus users !!

  • Haha, yea that sounds silly. I do have another controller that sends MMC in various variations, but the 'forward' and 'backward' buttons don't respond at all to any of the different options and the play and stop buttons don't function as logically as the Focus Action play and stop do. Those transport controls can be remapped to MIDI Learnable messages, so I just set them like that and mapped them to transport Focus Actions.

    I prefer to use those mappable buttons for other CC functions though, so those 5 unused transport controls are staring up at me provocatively. It's not a huge deal to change my setup a little between live and studio, but it's also not really in the ethos of the project.

    Kind of a specific feature request, I know - but it is true that some MIDI controllers only send Mackie info from their transport. I noticed that (non affiliated) people were actually recommending those exact controllers here and on the AB boards, so I think it's worth bring up.
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