Rotate screen layout performance options

Would be very useful if there was some kind of user definable windows layout options for a performance mode.

Just grabbed model 15 and it's one of the only apps I've ever found to work better with the iPad vertical. But it's a bitch to switch between model 15 and BM3 and rotate the screen each time. So I'm mostly working in Model 15 in horizontal view.

But it made me think that maybe BM3 could have some kind of user definable workspace options at some point in the far off future..

Like in horizontal (on my 9.7") you could probably fit 16 pads at top, macros under those, small animoog style keys or scenes window at bottom. 3 windows at once...

It's not a pressing requirement but when/if intua ever reach a 'we've finished, it's nailed!' stage then maybe something to consider...
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