'exit bm3 to last Plugin UI' shortcut

edited September 2017 in Feature Requests
When I'm in an app that's linked to BM3 I have the small BM3 transport and icon to instantly switch back at any moment. Feels like the same kind of shortcut should be there on the BM3 side?

Possibly a good icon to have in left column. Exits BM3 UI and opens the UI for the last Plugin pad that was selected.

Using full hand swipe to quickly switch app UI's in performance feels sketchy..

Maybe the left column shortcuts could be user configurable from a list of available shortcuts/tickboxes in settings?


  • Isn't this covered by a taskbar in IOS11 ?
    I have no idea, I haven't run the beta, and i know you should never leave out features based on what might hapoen with a future OS because a lot of people wont update anyway, but its worth a look and see what comes.

  • No. Ios 11 dock requires swipe-up.
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