Pre-roll for sample recording

I brought this up in a support post, but thought it needed to be brought up as a feature request. Apologies if it seems like a double-post. Not my intention.

I'd very much like to see a pre-roll for audio pattern recording: Press record, you get a 4 beat count-in, and then sequencer starts at the same time recording starts.

This would allow you to record audio patterns in sync with a scene and then let you drop the perfectly synced pattern into a cell in that scene for perfect playback. I know you can do the "sync" recording for audio pattern recording and can run the sequencer at the same time, but this isn't ideal since you have to start the sequencer BEFORE you start recording, meaning you have to wait for every pattern in the scene to come back around to 1.1.1 before you start recording (and actually have to hit the record button just before it all comes back around). That can't be a burden on workflow if you're working on long scenes (and god forbid you don't hit the record button in time... .then you've gotta wait through it all again).

Thoughts? Workarounds?


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    Is the current pre roll broken in 3.0.3 or something ?

    Long press the 'Q' up by the tempo, a drop down will appear, turn pre roll on, selects its length.
    See if that does what you need ;)

  • @legsmechanical ... get it! I wasn't in front of ipad. You're right... "record sample" in scene modes needs a count in.

    @5pinlink.. just checked. Nope, setting pre-roll does not apply to the record function when in scene mode. The best you can do is set record mode in audio recorder to 'sync', hit start and hope you catch the scene on the one...

  • Ok i will look when i get home ;)

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    Ok pre roll works perfectly here in scene mode.

    I set the scenes i want playing.
    I press main transport stop so that it is ready.
    I create a new audio track.
    I check pre roll settings (1 bar)
    I arm the track and hit record.
    It counts in 1 bar perfectly and begins recording.
    New audio file is in track helper to be loaded in to scene cell.

    Is this not what you want ?

  • @5pinlink : Thanks. That does work. I was missing the fact that you have to record directly into the linear sequencer. Which I guess is fine since the pattern is available from the helper after the fact for drag and drop into a scene.

    The only issue is that it doesn't give you the perfect loop length that you get when using the "sync" option in sample record -- but that's an easy fix by tweaking the duration after the fact.

    I still think a pre-roll on sample record would be helpful, but it looks like its not essential for what I'm trying to do.

  • Updated the FR title to reflect ;)

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