Nudge and Numerical Entry For Selected Automation Points

Automation needs fine tune controls for precise placement of selected points. The first selected points position could be displayed in the top right of the Automation window. A left/right, up/down +/- nudge tool in the toolbar with 1,10,100 and 1000 increments and a exact numerical entry option. It would also be very helpful to have of course full screen mode and a vertical/horizontal pinch to zoom function. An easy way to implement full screen automation would be to have another button bottom right like the Track Automations select /deselect button. The new button would select/deselect the Song/Scene/Pattern window so the Track Automations window could go to full screen mode. Note in the example screen shot frekvens has a range of +/- 5000 KHz. It's currently impossible to accurately move selections precisely even without such a large range.

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