128 Macro Controls

I'm pretty sure BM3 has officially become my DAW of choice. Love it so much! Which is why this is totally necessary for external hardware.


  • I am wondering what is the average amount of macro's used. Not saying we shouldn't add more, but really just curious. (It would be a pretty easy change for sure).


  • Depends what im doing, right now macros are so basic that using a lot is not really that important to me personally.

    What we really need is encapsulated localised macros, example..
    Create an effects chain, add macros to the chain, save it in a capsule for reuse later.
    With this we can create all kinds of multi effects and consoles etc, but only show the relevant controls, saving valuable screen real estate.
    Same goes for synths created using the sampler.
    You can have a show inside button to get to whats inside the capsule, but localised macros like this are needed badly.
  • @mathieugarcia @5pinlink I currently have 8 banks of 8 assignable knobs per bank on one controller plus assignable faders. 72 right there Then another controller with 16. And with the ability to assign faders to any pad/bank mix volume I'm using 8 alone there. Heck one knob is specific to one pad.

    I'm just saying bm3 has more assignable controls than what's available to map. Sometimes I'm finding myself doing more reassignment then necessary. As @5pinlink said encapsulated macro section to save screen real estate like how you have "show all sends" on the mixer page.

  • one more thing

    I'm also seriously considering using BeatMaker 3 for live performance and think others would too. This would be another reason why you'd want more assignable macros as the moment I set up the faders I've just lost 8.

  • +1 for global macros and or MIDI LEARN for every single knob

    come on, @mathieugarcia - LETS DO THIS!

    I am already using BM3 as my MAIN TOOL for live perfomance - please let me USE my KNOBS and ROCK!!!!

    :D <3 :D <3

  • @DeanDaughters I feel so guilty for knowing about BM3 before release, buying it when it released earlier this year, and then not diving in until recently. Guess I was so used to BM2. As it turns out, I'm doing the same here on using BM3 as main tool. It's so powerful and innovative...not only as a DAW for production but its awesome live as well. Has actually made my workflow much faster. This is a true gem. Keep making them videos! helps us all, strengthens community, spreads the word for Intua.

  • +1 global midi learn please!
  • I'm also planning to switch to BM3 for live performance. So, I tried to assign my MIDI mapping to BM3, but I couldn't find a way to set global MIDI parameters. I came to the forum only to find out that it's not yet possible.

    A HUGE +1 for global MIDI learn from me too!
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