How to set up an iPad MUSIC STUDIO tutorial

I know it's not specifically BM3 related, but I sincerely hope that this might help some people take their iOS music production to the next level so I am sharing here:



  • Awesome tutorial, @DeanDaughters !

  • Great work Dean.

    Proud to be one of your Patreons :)

  • Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing, mate!

  • Nice video, beautiful studio 😊

  • Thank you very much for the kind words, Guys!

  • Edited thread title, not even close to off topic ;)
    Great stuff.

  • Haha dean is the man best videos on the tube love his OCD neatness and tutorial flow. Sharp!

  • @housemachine Epic Praise! Thank You! 😀 🤓 👊

  • Hey Hey, thanks @MSandoval :)

    It's not really soundproofing actually, but more of an acoustic absorbing/diffusing material which is very dense, called Rockwool. The sound is so much different than before in here... In the best way I mean... YAY!

    Unfortunately, It wasn't really possible to do a time-lapse.
    I didn't do the work myself. It took 2 hard working Joes from Pro Audio LA five full days to do the room. :o

    I did take photos along the way and I'm planning to do a video when my desk is here and in place.
    (Hopefully it's coming this week, and I am very excited!! :# )

    I like this photo of the building process because it shows the window in the corner that is now 100% blocked off by the huge wall / cave area of acoustic treatment and a lot of the framing having been done. ;)

    (The 2 "Hard Working Joes")

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