Fake tape noise

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    Tape emulator
    This works best on something like a drum pattern
    1 Create your drum pattern in a bank
    2 On the pattern bus EQ out (as steep as you can) anything around 29hz and below, and anything above 15830hz and above (Mess with these settings for your own taste)
    2 Add a compressor to the pattern bus and lightly compress to lower some peaks but don't tighten too much (optional)
    3 Create a new bank and add a long noise/hiss sample to a pad and trigger it for the full length of the previous drum pattern (EQ is optional here if you want to shape the noise/hiss a bit)
    4 Add a compressor to the noise bank, switch its sidechain input to the drum pattern bank, and adjust settings until you are getting the exact pumping noise you want.
    5 Adjust in mixer to get the feel you want.

    I should probably do a video lol

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  • Not sure what commercial music track examples means ?
    This emulates the sound of recording to a cassette, its close but doesn't really get you the magnetic saturation, but it still has a vibe to it.

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    Nice one @5pinlink, will check this recipe out, thanks for sharing ;)

    I got some pretty legit lo-fi tape vibe from the free audio damage AU plugins Comp + Fuzz (I forget what they're called). Both those plugins at near minimal settings (Fuzz filter/res to taste), BM3 bitcrusher at minimal reduction (just enough to get the fizz/hiss and very, very slight crunch) and Frekvens (another free AU) with automation on its pitch parameter for tape warble... Wasn't expecting to be able to get close to what I wanted without spending £ but was pretty stoked on how that freebie chain sounds..

    Edit - I forget the exact order of the chain. From memory it was prob - frekvens>bitcrush>fuzz>comp... But I might have had to juggle em round to get the right character.
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  • http://www.5pin.link/bmtests/clean.wav

    Like i said, you get no magnets for saturation (A smidge on the new saturation effect on the pattern bus would give you a bit of that)
    But it lets you add noise to things like drum patterns without futzing the drum transients, so your noise is in the negative space, just adds a bit of character and texture to drum patterns.
    You could combine this with a bitchrusher at different bitrates and adjust the eq cuts and add boosts to get pretty much all the engines from Maschine desktop too, but those are before the interpolation and filtering on Maschine so they react a bit more dynamic.

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    Oh and note that on the desktop, this trick is being shipped in a ton of (Quite expensive) plugins as some super clever voodoo DSP of the future that sounds like tape, and other than the magnetic saturation it is pretty much just sidechained noise and an eq profile hahaha

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  • Guess we'll wait for @ronji to make a video 😜

  • @huphtur said:
    Guess we'll wait for @ronji to make a video 😜


  • Is it also possible to simulate tape wobble with the native BM3 effects?

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    If it's sample-based you could try modulating fine tune with a slow LFO

    Otherwise, there are some fairly cheap vibrato AUv3s in the appstore. Just remember to vibrato before you add hiss, otherwise the hiss will vibrato too (which just sounds weird)

    Note - the built-in modulation delay effect has a 'vibrato' mode, but this won't achieve the effect you're looking for, as it works more like a vibrato chorus.

  • I vote video. Lol but isn’t the daw lp plugin app the same thing? Sorry a newb at creating stuff like that without a visual.

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    @stormywaterz said:
    I vote video. Lol but isn’t the daw lp plugin app the same thing? Sorry a newb at creating stuff like that without a visual.

    This is an old thread, im pretty sure everybody wanting this would just be using the Klevgrand plugins, which have since been released, it is much simpler, i was just showing what could be done to get ideas flowing.

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    Yep - i suggest everyone uses the Klevgrand DAW Cassette plugin for this instead. Much easier.

    FYI - he has a vinyl sound simulator too called DAW LP

  • They, as far as im aware Klevgrand is a bunch of research scientists (yep really lol) in a university

  • Got both those Klevgrand plugins, very fun to play with. But always interested in how they actually work. As a visual designer It's been a joy learning how to design sound with BM3. Learnt a ton already from this forum. Thanks to you folks!

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    I would choose Daw Cassette all day long. Its the more authentic tape emulation effect.

    Fly tape is more of a stutter/wind down live effect, with just a little hiss and saturation added.

    As with all these things however, YMMV

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    I use an old Cassette deck and an old Reel to Reel, but If im ITB Reelbus is my choice and i can near enough match my hardware.
    I suspect the closest to Reelbus would be Klevgrand I have heard nothing from fly tape i liked personally, different tastes to mine for sure.

    Go on ebay and buy a cassette deck for a fiver lol, the crappier the better.

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    Yep, and I bought it already ;)

    Note this one is more about tape delay than tape saturation, though you can still do some tape style damage to the sound (in a good way)

    Details for @5pinlink
    Install size: 149.8mb
    Screenshots (standard and fullscreen):

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    150mb for an effect, that fella needs to have a word with himself !!!!!
    I will not be buying that.

  • fwiw: DAW LP is on sale now $12.99 → $6.99

  • I always think a slight bit of LFO modulating the pitch ever so slightly and a tad of the onboard bit crusher work wonders....but don’t get me wrong, I love the tape effect apps🧞‍♂️

  • there are different beat box softwares available on the market , you can use them to create a fake tape noise .

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