'Nxt/Prv pad' buttons in Keys view.

If I have a bank that is 128 different bass sounds. Would be cool to be able to scan through them and audition whilst remaining in Keys view.


  • So pad up down if sampler, program change if AU maybe ?

  • Personally i'd like it rigid for pad up/down. Regardless of wgether it's an AU or Sample pad. Just because I have a lot of banks set up like patch genre banks (bass bank, epic pads bank (I wouldn't actually call it that but thought writing 'pads bank' might be confusing ;) etc . So I might have 15 AU instrument pads and 15 sample instrument pads, all different bass sounds in one bass bank. And want to move cycle through them to audition while staying in the keys page ;)

    Could maybe have a user preference in settings tho if the way you described is also useful for people?
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