Noise Gate filter?

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Does BM3 have a native Noise Gate filter? If so, where can I find it?

Reasons for asking:


  • Not yet, but depending on what you want to do there are some crappy workarounds that may get you there for now.

  • Yeah i should have watched the video haha, you want big gated verb drums, easy.

    1 Send the drums to a reverb on a send.
    2 Put the dynamics processor directly after the reverb in the chain.
    3 Switch dynamics to Expander mode.
    4 Side chain input the bus of the drums.
    5 Bang the ratio right up.
    6 Adjust threshold till it is opening nicely for the verb.
    7 Use the Attack and Release as fade in and out of the Expander opening for the verb.

    Personally i always preferred doing it with an expander,, just feels a bit more pumpy to me (Probably imaging it)

  • Sounds like another cool recipe from 5pin

    You should start a new thread... '5pin's BM3 recipe book'


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