New track [Granite Rokk - They Spoke (Reworkk)]

No.2 in a series of acid tracks. Tried to keep it simple with this one.

BM3, AUM, AEMS, GrandFinale, Rozeta, Troublemaker, TC-11, Beathawk, Blocs Wave, Patterning 2, and too many FX apps to list.

[Edit: It didn't stand the test of time. Check this track instead lol:


  • What are those drums around 7:20? They sound nice

  • @XanderJames said:
    What are those drums around 7:20? They sound nice

    Cheers. I wish I could say I lifted them from some obscure record but really they are chopped and layered from sample library hits, Blocs Wave, and Future Drummer, and run through RX-950, Degrader and FAC Transient.

  • OK, I have completely reworked this track as I wasn’t happy with the flow of the original. Have another listen! Cheers.

  • As is well known i despise ambient and dub, love that arp that starts kicking around the 3 min mark though.

    Im guessing here, but you arent using a high pass and cutting the lows out of stuff, am i right ?
    I'm listening on phone speakers and it sounds as if there is a bunch of overfilled space down in the low unheard frequencies, killing headroom and making some compression act a bit funny, phone speaker, so take that comment with a pinch of salt

  • Yes, I wasn’t expecting this to be your cup of tea, 5pin! Really appreciate the feedback though! Yes, I tend to catch a lot of noise with my loops. Often intentionally. But I agree this mix is muddy. Gonna have another run at it. Nice one!

  • L love the grittiness. Great track Gus!

  • @huphtur said:
    L love the grittiness. Great track Gus!

    Ta very muchly!

  • Oh, nice! Love your style.

  • i will recreate it as i don't liked the original one, it contain alot of noise in high pitched mode, i will check it on my beats headphone.

  • Whoa - I listened back to this track and it sounded awful. Consider it GONE!

    I'm keeping this one though

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