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Ok, so i really think 2.1 is an awesome advancement, and the app is headed in the right direction... I played with it for a few hours and have yet to come with a bug... but bugs aside... i'd like to open this brand new topic in hopes we can shape up together as a community the next release, so I've gathered a list of things I really think BM2 needs to keep evolving. Please contribute as much as you can to this post so Intua gets a better sense of how we, as users, are evolving and hoping to achieve with this nice app.

Here's my list:

- Allow for Pad to learn Midi Note to be able to expand available pads with a pad controller (for example: Korg's Nanopad)

- Midi Clock Sync with host (slave & master mode) ---- this would really make it a useful tool when paired with a computer daw.

- Non destructive edits… eliminate the need to create a million samples out of one…

- Pro sound library format importing ---- or if it's too hard… then implement velocity sections so this current keyboard can trigger different samples per velocity… with "equal power" crossfade between sections to make smooth transition… also, trigger with "equal power" crossfade another set of samples if mod wheel or other midi cc is turned.

- Audio Tracks in sequence view…

- The ability to mix down from a midi triggered track to an audio track - thru flexible bus routing

- Flexible bus routing… one channel can send not only to bus fx… but also to audio tracks…. and vice versa… a bus can send to audio tracks… this way you can achieve sidechaining.

- A better compressor that allows sidechaining… try analog emulation this time.

- If on loop mode, double click on stop takes you to the beginning of the loop… how about if you triple click the stop button, it takes you to the beginning of the song

- Pan pots are not very accurate… try incrementing pan resolution

- Power panning (that is for stereo tracks)… meaning you can control the pan for left channel and also for right, allowing us to correctly position the width of the track within the mix… it's so hard sometimes not to get blurry mixes without proper stereo narrowing position.

- A stereo width fx for the fx chain… positive and negative values, so you can expand or contract the stereo image of a sound….

- Midi file import… you can export right now… but no import… I think this would be a great addition

- Midi thru

- A desktop editor for the current synth… it takes a while to edit in the current ipad version… or at least allow to set keyboard ranges with the iOS keyboard… it would really speed up things…. i click a million times just to adjust a note section.

- I was surprised to see no Itunes File sharing connection… i think it's become standard now, so we could skip the pureftp connection.

- This one is really important: import loop info from imported wav files... wav files can have loop info (standard for all pro computer programs) embedded in their metadata... but bm2 doesn't seem to recognize it... i've tried files embedded from acid (acidized), looped in kontakt then converted to wav (mantains loop metadata), from redmatica software, etc... it doesn't read the loop info... this is crucial in my opinion.

- Dropbox and remote FTP integration … files on the cloud are the way to go for us…. i've even seen a music player that streams audio files from dropbox… you could even try integrating this with samples… but I can't tell if it would be too hard… but dropbox and ftp connections are a must with this very memory limited devices.

- I've noticed you guys can import an mp3 from the ipod library and convert it to wav so as to work with it… but if you import a wav via the pureftp … it won't even recognize it in the library…. you guys already developed the way to transform the file… this means you should support it without a problem…. so… mp3 support!

- This one's not so necessary for me, but many have asked it: a subtractive/fm synth.... only wave molding... no samples.

- This one's just greedy… but… a vintage tape echo fx… that would really make my day… i like digital delays… but tape echo is nicer.


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    "- Audio Tracks in sequence view… " for sure

    saves the hassle of writing instrumentals for a part, copy/paste, having to flip back to another app, record vocals, copy/paste, compare, switch app, etc..
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    Pro Import would be very nice indeed and yes a synth module would take beatmaker to the next level. Wist or midi sync would also be nice for working with multiple idevices.
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    Preview for import from ipod library so at least u can listen to what u wanna sample
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    Or preview from ipod library
    And import a selection of audio...

    The ability to rip say 1:15 to 1:30 of the audio timeline of a song is more efficient than ripping the whole song and then having to deal with the bulk of the it until you get it cut down..

    So if I can just import a portion of a sample from previewing i can cut down on smashing my memory with importing a whole song <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
  • 1) Synth
    2) Audio track for vocal recording
    3) Preview import from itunes
    4) Ability to loop play a "sample," in choplab - to make sure the cuts are right (incase you are looking for a continous loop sound with no odd breaks, when it "loops" back to beginning).
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    Well Intua i agree, i think the next update should be Audio track for vocal recording and Preview import from itunes, i think if you just take on those two you can get them out faster than work on the next update, that will put you a head of the ios game for sure!

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    I bang my head! Lol... I forgot one very important request: A parametric Eq!!! Maybe stereo widening could go on that one.... What the hell is a mix without precise eq and stereo location? Mush is what I would call it. Lol


    Ok, i've check out this:


    now that is what i call integration... This is something that should be worked into every audio app out there... We really need to be able to use our other apps in conjunction to be able to take full advantage of the iOS.
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    Synthstation 25 support! <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->
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    Many good suggestions here, we're following with great interest!

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    How about mpc and sp 1200 grooves? Every time I see the NO ID video for maschine makes me wanna get the cheque book out. Only Beatmaker saves me lol
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    Do you mean groove templates? That would be incredible!
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    Awesome app. Best of the bunch. I would love to see many things but a few new suggestions are inside the track mixer allowing for mute and unmute to be done by a horizontal swipe in from the side to allow for "live" mode recording
    Also when you hold the track title down you get a menu. Please please please!!!! Add copy paste to this menu. I will love you long time I you do this! Wav or mp3 track import and I know we can't do this yet (I think)
    But export to iTunes library would be cool. not needed but cool.

    Keep up the amazing job y'all.

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    Im spamming this on all of the feature boards here, but... an arpeggiator would be a big deal :3
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    I think it would be a great feature too... In the meantime... Have you checked out stepolyarp?

    It is a really awesome arpegiator that creates a virtual midi device... You can run it in the backround and beatmaker can recieve the midi info from it... Sync'ing isn't yet possible, but you could record the midi notes and rearrange in bm2.
  • Non Destructive Waveform Editing and Velocity sensitivity!!! Different color templates!
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    One thing that bugs me is the large download size. I know you guys cut down the .ipa size in one of the recent updates, but 489MB is still pretty hefty.

    I'd like to suggest only including a minimum of preloaded samples, and offering the rest as free in-app purchases. If this was implemented, it would also pave the way for you to offer PAID presets and kits as in-app purchases.
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    @Ragno yeah. Groove templates. that would be great. Also please let us be able to export each track separate so we can mix down in our favorite DAW. beat maker 2 seriously isn't a toy. You can make proper tunes on it <!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" /><!-- s:lol: --> I also agree on an EQ with more bands.
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    Improved effects should definitely be near the top, if not on top, of the list.

    I had some free time today and used the same samples in both BM2 and NS and compared effects, and NS's effects generally are better quality, especially things like reverb and compressor. Other effects aren't necessarily "better" but have more tweakability, like NS's distortion/waveshaper. BM2's EQ needs some love, too.

    I hope I don't sound like I'm crapping on BM2 because I really do like it. I just think the effects are the only low point when compared to NanoStudio.
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    Dear Developers/Staff:

    BM2.1 is amazing, it was the reason why i went out and purchased an ipad, please read the below carefully: First of all Thanks for your hard work. I have purchased BM2 a week ago and i hope you will listen closely to what i have to say.

    see blow for some urgent workflow issues which need resolving, i am supporting BeautifulPerson and others on some points earlier, in no particular order, all of these are important:

    1) Drumsampler, autoplay,preview when selecting a sample. having to select a sample and then hit play everytime just seems insane, big workflow downfall

    2) Workflow downfall!!! Drumsampler, multi import to pads, ie. select a folder with 64 samples and map to pads automatically, pad drag and drop mode to move/reassign samples from pad to pad, and yes as few mentioned earlier, be able to assign a midi note to the pad would also help when taking it to the studio

    3) Drumsampler select next sample in folder, when initially selecting a sample for a pad we need to be able to click a button and automatically load the next/previous sample in the folder and so on and so forth

    4) iPod Import: this is currently a real workflow killer, let us have a bigscreen Waveform Preview and Selection when importing from iPod, we need to be able to listen scroll and skip through a song before save/conversion to wav/import happens. The way its currently handled is too heavy for my storage on ipad

    5) Ability to loop play a "sample," in choplab and waveeditor - to make sure the cuts are right (incase you are looking for a continous loop sound with no odd breaks, when it "loops" back to beginning). (quote from BeautifulPerson's post earlier)

    FX request:

    Brickwall limiter ala Vintage Warmer from PSP audioware.

    Can't wait to make this experience even better


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    Hey there -

    This may be a re-post of mine, but I have a few suggestions for the next update - by the way, i'm a big fan of Beatmaker - it's by far my favorite IOS music app.

    1. I would love a looplock feature, where you can make the pad loop without holding down the pad - hit the pad again to turn it off, or even better...
    2. Configure so that one pad can override the other. You may have that feature for pads 6,7 and 12 - I heard that on another post but I haven't tested it. So if I hit one pad which has a long loop, I can hit another pad which cuts off the first loop and brings in another.
    3. A better way to configure a swing beat. I figured out, through trial and error, how to make a swing beat, but only after laying down a standard 4/4 beat and then swinging it.
    4. In Ableton Live, you have the ability of setting hit points within a sample. I'd love to do that in Beatmaker. I have a James Brown sample where he goes "1, 2, 3, 4" but although the 1 and 4 are in time, the middle is off and I cant' fix it.
    5. I would love to run Beatmaker in the background while I use another program. As of now, i set my beats in Beatmaker, set it, copy the audio file in HarmonicDog Multitrack and lay an audio track on it. but I would love to play while beatmaker is still running. But that would be a moot point if...
    6. (only in my wildest dreams) .. I can create MIDI (in and out) and audio tracks, eliminating my need for another DAW. I have a Korg M50 keyboard and I want to send MIDI to Beatmaker, send it back to the Korg, record the audio, lay beats on it, mix it and save my finished product. Pipe dream or no?
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    Okay.....I need my pasteboard to work like Nano's.....where I can paste more than just the last thing that was copied. Tired of going back and forth....wanna copy a bunch of stuff from other apps and paste them into BM2 w/o all the extra switching.....#justsayin
  • I would love a button that takes you to the instrument when you are on the piano roll or the sequncer.. say that you are step editing something in the piano roll. It would be great to have a button top left or bottom left that will open that device right away without having to exit the pattern mode, getting to the sequencer, going up to the menu, chosing the device and opening it. That takes time. Alternatively there could be a way to touch the name of the sample in the piano roll (Drum machine pattern editing) and that way you get to the drum machine to be able to edit the sound. I had about 40-50 smal sounds playing all the time in my latest track, and if i need to tweak the sounds a bit here and there, i have to put alot of extra time by jumping back and forth via the menu.
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    Ok... So yesterday night I found out iOs 5 will support AU plugins... So a very very VERY important new feature would be AU plugin integration...

    Exciting times right?
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    Holy crap...running Sampletank/Kore/Omnisphere inside of Beatmaker? Could it really happen?? My guess is you better have at least the 64 gb ipad though, or one AU will take most of your space...Funny thing is i don't even wanna do beats on the laptop anymore...feels like going backwards..
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    There's not enough ram to run those monsters yet.. And the AU must be created (or ported) to ios specific commands... But its opening up, so let's support it shall we?
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    Ok... So yesterday night I found out iOs 5 will support AU plugins... So a very very VERY important new feature would be AU plugin integration...

    Exciting times right?

    If this is true, it takes everything to a whole other level. Where did you get this information?
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    I first learned it on the open music app collaboration google group... Then from apple themselves:

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/ipad/#documentation/MusicAudio/Conceptual/AudioUnitHostingGuide_iOS/ConstructingAudioUnitApps/ConstructingAudioUnitApps.html">http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/ ... tApps.html</a><!-- m -->

    I believe they plan to upgrade garageband with the ios5 update... Very apple in style... I think garageband will host audio units in that particular update.
  • RayRay
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    I'm sure someone already suggested this... maybe... and I'm not sure exactly how much time and effort would be involved in doing this...
    But I'd love it if Beatmaker2 had a nice SunRizer type built-in synthesizer!!!

    I love that BM2 is a great sample based production suite for the iPad but a built in modeling synth would just simply put it over the top!! Again, I'm not sure what would be involved in making something like that happen, but a guy can dream. <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- s;) -->

    Thanks for such a great product!! I think I've made more music using my iPad and BeatMaker2 than using my hardware synths and Ableton live lately. The ability to just kick back anywhere with a pair of headphones and an iPad to create music is just great and a built in synth would be even better!!!

    Thanks again! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
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    I totally believe...actually i know without a doubt....
    If you were to take in consideration SAMPLeWiZ, and also look at ALCHeMY and the VSYNTH by Roland...
    And were able to structure the keyboard sampler even close to those...that would be superior to a synth in my book
    I own the roland vsynth xt and its the best synth i have ever owned!

    I dont know limitations of ios etc etc...but that should be where the keyboard sampler Seperates from the pad sampler!

    My main enemy on bm2 is the fact i have to import a whole damn song when space is low...ipod import
    Instead of just selecting a region to import.

    My next problem is velocity would rule over always having to program it.

    Song file area is just a mad mess

    Collaboration blows

    And the damn effects are dukey str8 from the ars of every cheap groove toy out there

    Everything else i love.
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