A few notes from making my first track

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Having just rushed getting my first track finished for the awesome beat battle, here’s a few things I learned:

  1. BM3 is amazing!! To be manipulating sounds in this way on the iPad is a dream come true. I can’t wait to get more into sample layering and multi-dial macros, etc. So cool.
  2. No glitches or crackles. I had 15 tracks on the go. MIDI synths and triggered samples. Automation, etc. It held up fine on the iPad Pro 10.5.
  3. No crashes either! At least when using AU plugins. The only crash I had was when I loaded an IAA plugin because I didn’t have an AU vocoder (little gap in the market there, devs?).
  4. So AU all the way from here on in. It will take a very special app like Quantum to get me to buy a non-AU app now.
  5. There seemed to be a bit of latency triggering samples from the BM3 keyboard. Will stick with pads.
  6. Phosphor synth bugged out on me for some reason. It’s like it wouldn’t release notes or something so I had to swap it out. Shame as I had a nice pad rolling. Will try to reproduce for a bug report.
  7. The bank MIDI menus jumped around like they were continuously resizing. I took a screen recording but couldn’t work out how to upload the damn thing to the forum.
  8. Getting from one AU plug-in GUI to the next is a chore. Press bank, press sample icon, click plugin, etc. Is there a quicker way? I’m used to AUM where you see every plugin loaded in a session in one view regardless of instrument or FX and can load it with one click.
  9. If using MIDI sequencers that get triggered by the transport (like Rozeta modules) then you need to remember to disconnect their MIDI bank connections once you have recorded their MIDI outputs to the timeline. Took me a while to work out what the heck was going on... :smile:
  10. I kept accidentally creating loop regions by trying to drag the timeline left and right. And once I created them I found them fiddly to get rid of. Might just be my fat fingers.
  11. I know they are not exclusive to BM3 but the automations are awesome.
  12. It sounds obvious but making a track is the best way to learn BM3.

So now I’m hooked! Can’t wait to start on the next one. Just need more time...


  • Thanks @GusGranite

    I really enjoy reading posts like this, where users talk about what worked well for them and what tricks and workarounds they picked up along the way.

    We look forward to you being part of the next battle (#6) which will hopefully start in the next few days.

  • Gotta say, you were very very lucky if automation and Rozeta worked for you, automation is a confitmed completevmess (maybe you werent saving and just leaving the session open ? )
    And Rozeta doesn't work realtime, it has to be recorded.

    The devs know that switching Plugins is a mess, they are definitely thinking about that.

    Just teething issues in a very young, extremely powerful app though ;)

  • I didn’t automate Rozeta so side stepped that. Mainly just volume faders and synth dials. Constantly saving though.

  • Automation in general doesnt work, you were lucky ;)

    There is a slew of threads on it all.

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