Finding midi cc numbers for bank parameters? (when using Rozeta LFO)

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I'm probably missing something obvious here, but every time I think of a cool use for the Rozeta LFO plugin I always run into the issue of not knowing which Midi CC # to use if I want to use it to modulate things like tune, fine tune, filter cutoff, filter res, velocity, mod wheel etc etc..

Is there an easy way of working out what CC numbers all the various bank parameters are mapped to?


  • Far as I know they aren’t mapped to cc numbers until you map them. Double tap control, modulate, midi, control change, new cc, set it or learn it, create. Adjust the range and whatnot in the modulations panel. Midi cc in bm3 right now suffers from zipper noise though. There are some other threads that deal with testing direct midi cc vs macros that might also help.

  • Thanks ronji. However...

    If I load up a Rozeta LFO and randomly cycle through the MIDI CC numbers, it starts to affect different parameters without me needing to map anything. by using this trial and error method I was able to set the LFO to modulate Pan on Pad 1 (I can't remember what CC number this was).

    This suggests there is a default mapping already in place.

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    Interesting observation... when I went to map Midi CC for Pan on Pad 1 it suggested using #63.

    This means either..
    a) CC #63 is the number that PAN on Pad 1 is already assigned by default.
    b) CC #63 is the first available non-assigned number

  • Oh then I must be wrong about that! I wish the search function worked better. Found this thread by looking at @mefisme’s discussions:
    Includes a link to a handy reference thanks to @5pinlink. I think the default of 63 (it’s the default for all controls) I believe is because it’s pretty much the middle of 1-127.

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    Excellent. Thanks for the link.

    And now I see what you mean about zipper noise. Subtle, but still audible :(

  • No parameter should be self assigned, if you find any, please list them, its a bug for sure ;)

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