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First off, I want to thank you for the fantastic work on BeatMaker. I'm only a couple of hours into its exploration, but I can see myself constantly late to work in the coming weeks. This is the first iPhone app that is a true application, not just a widget. Superb!

I've noticed a few things that could make it even better.

Clearing out the triggers of a single pad while in loop record-
It would be nice to hold a clear button and a pad simultaneously to only remove the triggers in the loop for that one pad. That way you could try out different beat patterns without going back to the sequencer and editing the pattern there, or starting over. Single tapping the clear button may then require confirmation to clear all pad triggers in the loop, just in case.

Jumping from pads in loop record to pattern editor-
Provide a quick way to jump back and forth from the pads to the pattern editor, rather than bringing the navigation bar up, selecting sequencer, scrolling to your pattern, then tapping on the edit pattern button. That would allow you to roughly cut some beats, fine tune them in the editor, and jump back to add the finishing touches.

Faster view switching via navigation bar-
Perhaps tapping and holding on the navigation bar button would bring up the bar, sliding your finger to a different view, and then releasing would save a few taps each time.

BPM tap-guessing on transport BPM-
I like that you have the ability to tap your BPM while in the pads view, but it could also be applied to the BPM area of the transport. Then you could tap your BPM as the song is playing in the song sequencer to quickly adjust.

Remember last used folder in the file browser-
It would be nice to remember the last used folder, especially when you are creating your own kits and selecting samples. You could then include a top button in addition to the back button ( |< < or / < ).

Child elements in file browser-
If a single folder has a single child element, you could somehow roll that up into the parent to eliminate another tap.

Recording more than 1 bar in a loop at a time-
It seems that single bar loop recording is a bit limiting. Perhaps if you set your loop to 4 bars in the song sequencer then record those in the pads, new patterns could be inserted and recorded automatically. The patterns could be inserted similar to
I'm sure you have a better way to accomplish this, and this is just one idea.

Thanks again for the wonderful mobile studio. I'd love to see more great apps in the future from Intua. iPhone Monome / Tenori-on? :)



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    Some great ideas there!

    What I'd like is the ability to do the following:

    Load a BeatPack (for example Drums)
    Make an arrangement, then export it as a .wav
    Load another BeatPack (for example Bass) and be able to create an arrangement while playing the exported Drums arrangement below it.
    Etc.. Etc.. Until the track is finished, then be able to do a final export which includes all of the above.

    I'm not sure if this would work, but to me, it seems like a great way to be able to create a full track, using multiple BeatPacks, without having to keep connecting to a computer to create BeatPacks containing the exported wavs.

    Hmm, I think I might have just confused myself, but I think you'll understand what I'm getting at.


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    Also, it'd be nice to be able to change the pitch or semi-tone of a sample per pattern, rather than universally.

    So you could make a tune from one sample using different patterns.



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    That is a really good idea Josh, and I'm pretty sure you can do this already. Thats a great way to get multiple "kits" into one project. Just export loops when you are done with the part/loop and create a new project with a loop assigned to each pad.
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    A couple more thoughts and nice-to-haves…

    When in groove or velocity editor, show currently playing position-
    This could be done by slightly changing the contrast of each step.


    When in groove or velocity editor, indicate if track has any triggers on it-
    As you're cycling through with the prev/next buttons a visual indicator could be shown, allowing for quicker selection of the correct track you'd like to edit. (see image above)

    Remove .wav and .aif from sample names throughout pads, pattern editor, velocity and groove-
    It may not be necessary to show that level of detail in those places, and would clean up the pads quite a bit.

    Very small indicator on each pad, showing which pads are being triggered. Visible in loop record and playback mode.


    Take advantage of multitouch input methods for common tasks-
    Perhaps a three finger swipe to the left takes you from pads to sequencer to FX. Another combo for starting and stopping.

    Is there an easy way to remove all patterns from the sequencer, while keeping your kit loaded? Like starting a new project?

    For organizational purposes, allow the patterns to be moved up and down in the sequencer-
    Maybe tapping and holding for one second on the pattern # on the left side would allow you to then drag it up or down.

    Option to follow along in the song sequencer as it's playing, or to tap on the bar/beat in the transport to jump to the currently playing position.

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