A bit of a BeatMaker 3 teaser !

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Hey everyone !

All the crispy details about BeatMaker 3 are now available on our website: http://intua.net

Share the love, we need your support !


  • Excellent!
  • Thank You for the update, this looks promising!
  • Wow! Love the colors and flat UI. Bravo!!
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    Good stuff,BUT . Make please some soul skin for more true visual effect like hardware . Make it please change . Some people like minimalism .some not !!! Waiting for new screens with sample chop laboratory .
  • Great to read you are thinking on live performance.
    One possible unique feature I would like to see in BeatMaker is randomness in the sequencer, for trigger or not and even for CCs values.
    (By the way, I prefer the minimalistic style, sorry Donet…)
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    Been waiting a long time! Looks Great. i need a pre release pls :)

    Will there be a way to transfer all project and samples from BM2 to BM3?

  • thesavage said:

    Been waiting a long time! Looks Great. i need a pre release pls :)

    Will there be a way to transfer all project and samples from BM2 to BM3?

    Good question!
  • thesavage said:

    Been waiting a long time! Looks Great. i need a pre release pls :)

    Will there be a way to transfer all project and samples from BM2 to BM3?

    We will have basic supports of BM2 presets. Projects support will come later on.
  • Can't wait for it. Need to see the video of this in action lol.

    I'm so excited!
  • Great news!

    Make sure it has tons of killer chord-progressions. That's gonna be a huge selling point.

    Are the instruments and effects new, as in rebuilt?
    And what about price/upgrade?
  • Hey @Anubis

    We have chords & scales in there, along with 64-pads mode, it's pretty neat !
    Most effects have been rewritten, only a couple are from BeatMaker 2 but have been improved anyway.

    BeatMaker 3 will be a totally new app since we want to keep BeatMaker 2 has it is now (even though we have a couple of maintenance updates planned). As for the price, we'll disclose this in a later news post.

    Cheers !
  • man... would LOOOOVVVVEEEEEE to know how far away we are from being able to buy or upgrade or however we'll be able to get it? like how many months from now? I'm guessing it wont be a free update for beatmaker 2 users, I dont have an issue with that, I just want to get it asap!!! lol
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    RaBiez_88 said:


    Lol don't rush them. I would rather they take their time and come with a good release than one filled with bugs that leaves us all pissed off.

    Though at the same time I am curious how if we could get an ideal on how much longer it would take approximately.
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    RaBiez_88 said:


    Lol don't rush them. I would rather they take their time and come with a good release than one filled with bugs that leaves us all pissed off.

    Amen to that!

  • Hello,

    I have two questions about the upcoming release of Beatmaker 3, although, I understand that it may not be possible to disclose specific info.

    First, I just purchased an iPad Pro and am in the process of importing a ton of samples into custom folders within Beatmaker 2. While I understand that it won't be (immediately) possible to import BM2 presets into BM3, will it be possible to import my custom folders with all of my waves? Again, not worried about presets, just the waves and labelled folders.

    Also, will there be a reduced buffer setting (i.e. 128 or 64)? 256 is okay but not quite as snappy as I would like.



  • Hey Jacob and welcome!

    BM2 presets should be compatible at launch, but BM2 projects might not, but will surely come in an update.

    BM3 has improved file sharing import/export options so your best bet would be to download all your BM2 content via FTP or iTunes File Sharing, and then import it back in BM3 either via Dropbox, iCloud Drive, iTunes, E-Mail or "Open In...".

    As for the latency, the lowest setting is 64 samples.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply! Beatmaker is such an awesome product, can't wait for version 3...
  • Hey @Jluse :-)

    We got a handful of new screenshots that we're gonna post in here, the Audiobus forum and FB/Twitter.
    That might be of interest for you :-)

  • Am looking forward to the release of BeatMaker 3 very excited and wanted to know if there will be a discount for BM2 users? And what is the price set for? And when is the release date? Will it be available for iPad 2 or 3? And why not think of changing the name of BeatMaker to something else like INTUA Studio or INTUA WaveStation or INTUA iConic Sonic or INTUA SonicLab Studio or INTUA iHybrid or INTUA Lab or Intua SoundLab or just simply INTUA... I have many more name ideas but I think they are some good ones you can use for free from me.
    I hear people saying don't rush INTUA team but I waited 6yrs
  • MORE SCREENSHOTS!!! That's WEAK!!! We can do that all together... Beta release in Augustus last year. Y'all Gotta be Kidding. Release Date Yet Will You??? BM3 is the Drag of DRAGS!!
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    I agree with the last statement! Because last year they was asked when is the release and they said very soon and before the end of the year! Now they are behind and still being secretive about the release date!
    I'm really fed up with companies saying one thing then doing another.
    Acting like you didn't just say a year ago it would be out by end of year.
    Then months and years later people are still waiting. I had the same issue with Arturia and the AudioFuse which I payed for a year ago but they failed to deliver and messed up my bank because they took so long that the money I had at the time of purchase was no longer available now and I am still waiting for the release of the AudioFuse!
    So companies have peed me off enough already with fake release dates and time wasting! So as far as I am concerned don't tell people it will be out a year ago and still have people waiting a year later with no info on a release date and only saying it will be soon released!
    Knowing that they said that a year ago Arturia is doing this and Intua is seemingly following the pattern. Not as bad but that's not the point The point is purposely teasing people with something you are holding back after it is already late is like with holding food from a hungry man while waving a full course meal in front of there faces in weekly intervals telling them they can have some soon but not sure when! Piss Take
    And everybody saying don't rush them are kissing arse because yeah we all want a good finished product but in reality it is already a good product and with it being an app with capacity and capabilities to be updated and upgraded on the go which it will be so if the product has been undergoing 2yrs of rebuilding and designing from being a third version of a already established app/operating system the the blueprint is already set and good to go. So the only thing that could be delaying release date at this stage is the company is trying to drum up a certain number of interest before they release because they are trying a marketing strategy of capturing new clients/customers! The fact that they said last year it would released before the end of th year people should know from that statement that it was ready before that.
  • Hey!

    I understand that you are pretty impatient to get the app, but back in August we did not give any release date. We made a simple statement on the development status. However we're still confident about that Q2 release, since it's shaping pretty well and we're reaching the end of beta-testing.

    We really want to avoid any kind of mess of announcing a precise date and not being able to make it, that'd feel even worse, for you and for us. So until we are not 100% sure we prefer to provide semi-regular dev updates about the app. From the latest rounds on screenshots in our Twitter or Instagram you will clearly see that the app is pretty much reaching the end of its development phase.

    INTUA is a small company and we have not the same means as other bigger companies. This is were we need your understanding and support. Everything is made by ourselves, we're really passionate about it and we truly think our audience deserve a super stable and well polished app at launch. This takes time, lots of time, and patience.

    BeatMaker 3 is actually a new concept and is pretty much different from BeatMaker 2. The audio engine, UI were re-written from scratch while keeping all the good foundations and ideas of its predecessor. Small team, small means, big project; so it results in a longer time to develop and get things right. You might like or dislike that approach but it's absolutely out of the question to release an half-tested app!

    I hope you understand our situation, we obviously get a lot of requests everyday about this concern and we try to be pretty much clear about it. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

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    Thankyou for your prompt and reassuring reply! I understand fully and appreciate all the work you guys put in and are putting into BM3 and I am impatient and looking forward to the release I do understand that you are not like the big name companies and are doing a very good job and working hard on making a good app! My complaint was misplaced putting Intua in the same category as Arturia because they are who have really pissed me off and my issue with them was on my mind while writing my rant because the waiting game is not my strong point as they have ruptured my patience with their being long with their release of the AudioFuse so I guess my frustrations got a little misplaced but it just seems like all my Music investments seem to be a frustrating experience! To me a statement stating that the product I am interested in purchasing, Saying it should be available before the end of the year is as good as an announcement and would get excited and expecting it to be available by now so don't mean to seem impatient but I guess dealing with Arturia and companies like them have made me a bit bitter I understand that this is a new program/app So my apologies to the Intua Team nuffRespect due to you's...
    Can I ask! What or when is Q2? Because I was wondering what that meant when you stated it will be released in the Q1, now its Q2
    Before it changes to Q3 or Q4 if their is such a thing! What is Q1 or Q2? What do you mean by Q2?
  • And what price range will this app be roughly? I am impatient by nature and for good reason because due my experience being so that makes a double dose of impatient if I put my mind to it!
    Usually things don't work in my favour so prefer to know what's happening and also prefer to try Avoid upset and disappointment!
    And even be prepared for things so I think if Q1 is gone must be related to the first 3months of this year so if that is so, then Q2 will refer to the next three months of this year from now onwards. So with that being the plan then three months heads up on a price estimation or even three possible prices. That way your not giving the price away but at least poor people like myself can start prepare their pockets? I Want to be part of the BeatMaker 3 community as soon as it is released...
    And asked before but not sure if I got a reply! Will BM3 be available for older model iPads/iPhones like iPad 1,2,3 iPhone 4,5?
    Will my purchased sound packs from BM2 store be available in BM3 store?
  • Post Killah!!! Intua KillD the Post. Lol. Still WaitN...
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    Firstly Dpost Killed INTUA because they the ones who have gone silent! How is it they are quick to respond to a quote that states they are doing exactly what other companies do! And have a lot to say but still no real info on what people want to know! And yet when people post legitimate questions they can't get a whispere? That's dead and my initial complaint must of hit home to get a reply where as my later statement got nothing! Being nice gets no response or respect! Note taken! Point made!
  • Believe still waiting and Waiting and WAITING!!!
  • Hey Mathieu will BM3 have chord memory? :D
  • Wish it would drop already...I'm ready!!
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