Sample start/end/loop points automation

Please add this feature so we can actually modulate those parameters


  • Big +1 on this one
  • Modulation
    For sample start/end
    For sample selection start/end

    MIDI and Macros so that people with human fingers can just use dials to set start/end points instead of trying to grab those miniscule triangle things.

  • +1
    Also, be able to have start points inside the loop?

  • Essentially modulate everything that is feasible to modulate... just wants to modulate the attack on a sample.... couldn't

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    Way better to have start and length points instead of end point, as in Ableton and Digitakt. That way you can just move the whole slice with just the startpoint = wavetable. Or maybe the option of both ;)

  • Length and end point are the same thing
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    Lenght is the lenght from the starting point/mark. End point/mark is the length from the start of the sample.
    Set length to 1 sec. and it will play 1 sec. from the starting point/mark. No matter where in the sample you set the starting point/mark, it will always play 1 sec.
    If you set an end point at 10 sec. and starting point at 0 sec. It will play 10 sec. But if you change the starting point to 9 sec. It will only play 1 sec.

    If you pick up a sampler that has a "length" parameter on the sample edit it's going to behave like that, and vice versa. I promise.

  • OK, well the only samplers i know with sample length it works exactly the same as the end point, and i am not sure how valuable adding empty space at the end of a sample via modulation is because i have never tried it.

    Personally i would ask for a different method for wave sequencing, if i wanted it.

    1 Have an option to numerate layers so that layers play one after the other, layer one plays, then layer two plays, then layer three plays etc etc.
    2 Have a numeration phase dial that changes the start point between all the layers.
    3a Long press the phase dial and add modulator/step modulator
    You have just created a ridiculously powerful synced wave sequencer
    3b Automate the phase dial instead.

  • Another method would be to control the sample-start with a step-modulator and optionally re-trigger the note on each step.
    (Similar to sample-offset command in Trackers). For longer samples one could add markers to the sample and use the step-modulator to trigger at the marker points.

    Sequencing the order of layer-playback is an interesting option as well. (This is what I tried to do by using multiple step-sequencers to control gain).

    In short I was trying to re-created what is easily done in apps like SquareSynth and SidTracker64. The layer order sequencing would give the Wavestation some healthy competition :)

  • +1
    For the variable start and length version
  • What sampler has "length" behave as a end point?
  • Pretty much any drum sampler
  • Thread merge..

    @si_nz said:
    Currently we can only change the loop start and end point in song mode. It would be a boost to productivity to have access to loop points in pattern mode. Cheers :)

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