Arpeggiator for pads

Would be great having an arpeggiator mode and not just the note repeat. With the scale and chord modes would made BM3 an amazing machine for live playing.



  • Yeah I'd love to see this too. + some bells and whistles would be cool, beyond the standard 'up, down, up and down, random' would be killer. Sunrizer has great Arpeggio and user Sequencer (that can be played like an arpeggio) options that might be good place to look for ideas on this... Op1 arp/sequencers too..
  • The first beta of BM3 I laid my fingers on had at least a partial UI for an arpeggiator in place so I have no doubts we'll see that in an update some day ;)

    Combining that with 'chords' and 'scales' will be totally awesome!

  • @samu said:
    The first beta of BM3 I laid my fingers on had at least a partial UI for an arpeggiator in place so I have no doubts we'll see that in an update some day ;)

    Combining that with 'chords' and 'scales' will be totally awesome!

    Thats a really good news! So the arpeggiator maybe in the works now... Can anyone from intua cofirm this?

  • I hope there will be an editable appregiator. With all the requests for the many things we lack or miss.....I think that appregiator is a long way down the line. Intua has there hands full right now.
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    Arp button over fx and macro knob menu buttons, which would open a menu with step sequencer(16 numbers in 4x4 grid that you could slide to -+24 semi tones) and other arp controls where the fx and macro menus pop up. It could also be used to easily make 16 step sequences by selecting the root note and +-semitones on the arp and just record the root note(from pad, not in keys mode) held down to real sequencer. Also if you could save arp patterns to the track and have 4-8 of those preset buttons on the menu, it would really kick ass. Or maybe a sub menu that would cover the sequencer part with the presets, still leaving things like gate length etc open for tweaking while playing or for automating them.

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    Instrument banks with free MIDI tracks.
    Banks as they are now stay the same.
    Create an entirely new type of bank that is triggered by a new MIDI track in the arranger.
    When you assign a sampler or AUv3 to a pad in the new instrument bank, it is triggered from the new MIDI track, however the pattern lane that would normally trigger the instrument in the banks as we have them now, would become a step arpeggiator.

    No new UI needs to be put in place, but you end up with an unbelievable powerful step arp.

  • ^That sounds dope!!!!!
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    @5pinlink Dunno man, that sounds kinda messy having arpeggio patterns in tracks on the song arranger view? Not to mention probably needing some very heavy code work...

    A simple editable arpeggio pop-up/page via a button on pads or keys page (the pages where the arpeggio would often be physically auditioned/played) would be fine and exactly the same results...
  • Not sure really
    A pattern lane has steps, a step arp has steps
    A pattern lane sends its info to a loaded sampler or AUv3, an arp sends its info to a loaded sampler or AUv3
    So there is no need for any new UI to cover the step input of the arp itself or indeed the assigning to a sampler or AUv3.
    So your idea would need the heavy code work, most of the code for my idea is in place, but hey ho, was a silly idea, sorry for commenting, my mistake.

  • Dude it seems like you get kinda defensive when people have alt ideas to your own ;) None of us outside of intua have more than a couple of minutes of idle thought invested in these suggestions... Not worth feeling precious about them ;)

    For a start if the arpeggio is receiving its pattern from a midi track, where's it gonna receive transpose/live notes info from? And where would that stuff get recorded if sequenced?

    Plus the sequencer would be playing the arpeggio pattern independently (looped if held and/or off grid if played live) from everything else whilst the rest of the timeline patterns scrolled along..

    Etc etc..

    I have no idea tbh, just assumed that all that stuff would be far more complicated to code than a traditional (tho editable) arpeggio that was separate from the timeline sequencer and part of the banks/instruments like you'd normally expect...
  • Now now...let's all just go off and make pretty sounds and melodies :)

  • I'm not being defensive, i have just been told by somebody in PM that every time they read a post by me it makes them feel ill, so i apologised for commenting on your idea and moved on, i wont be commenting on posts from now on, i obviously come from a very different place to people posting here and the AB forum, in my world people state things as they are, but hey ho, if i can help i will, and i will be posting my own FR and BR, and a might post a tutorial if i can be bothered, but that's pretty much it.

  • The pm you got sounds harsh/unnecessary. I didn't send it tho so I'm not sure why you started apologising to me for posting etc. Without knowing about the PM your response to me just seemed kinda defensive/childish ;) Makes a bit more sense now. Slight over-reaction I'd say tho. I'd just forget the pm if I was you, other users seem to appreciate your contributions and those that don't can easily skim past/ignore. No need for drama ;)
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  • You can use arpegist but in iaa and route the output of arpegist to the input of BM3

  • Been using Op1 > BM3 for its arpeggio and quirky sequencer options. Works great and fast/painless workflow. Will be huge addition if/when BM3 gets these kind of options internally :)
  • arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator!

  • When they do add the arpeggiator it needs to be an option for standard style chromatically per pad + also an option to arpeggiate the pads in a bank. The latter is killer for finding random percussive/noise/ambient stuff..
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  • Imo there should be an arp with presets where you choose chords and scales, or have a page for a custom arp(something like steppolyarp) on the pad settings page where you find sampler etc
  • BM3 already has loads of chord & scale presets that would be a blast to use with the arpeggiator.
    In addition it would be nice to have 'trigger patters'(for adding rhythm), 'step repeat' and 'step ratchet'.

    Hopefully the step-modulator will get an option to re-trigger the sample, that would be a real boon for creating playable sequences :)

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    @triton100 said:

    @canister said:
    arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator! arpeggiator!

    I'm confused, do you mean arpeggiator ?

    yeah, i love arpeggiators. i sold my blofeld because the arp doesn't trigger properly. virsyn apps have great arps. i'd be happy to pay for an IAP as an incentive for intua too. that's real love :)

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  • All seems a bit pointless now to be honest, AU MIDI is a much better prospect.
  • @znomusic that looks verrrrrry useful ;) I hope they also encorporate a transposable step sequencer arp similar to Sunrizer's sequencer function and Op1 Endless sequencer..

    @5pinlink what are the benefits of AU midi for an arp over a well designed/integrated internal arpeggio? I don't actually know what AU midi refers to, is it something that has only become recently available in ios 11?
  • @Heyez sorry about that, I think that my humour is too weird >... @5pinlink honestly ARP fonction is actually a must have in BM3 and what a mean with my screenshot is that before BM3, was my favorite beat app and I seriously miss the arp fonction.
    So, yeah we can use a third parti AU but it’s pain on the ass.... : BM3 , load the AU app, activate it.... , return on BM3 , hit record, go to AU app, find the good that’s not the good one, return to BM3, redo it .......etc etc ....

    The workflow isn’t a priority value for a great standard App ?

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