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    Heyez, yea au MIDI sending is an ios 11 thing. I agree though for workflow there should be an internal option. Love BM3, my main issue is page flipping and finger poking and an external arp adds to that.

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    AU MIDI is MIDI plugins for AU, it was added in IOS 11, @brambos is about to release a suite of plugins.
    It is all well and good asking for it built in (yes i would like that too) but supporting MIDI AU will be demanded anyway, supporting developers like @brambos should be done to re-enforce the eco systemand show that users want native standards too, Intua have a finite amount of resources, adding an arp gets you an arp, adding support for MIDI AU opens up a world of arps/scalers/probability sequencers/MIDI loopers etc etc.

    Yes i get the usefulness of portability in terms of swapping banks and such (which nobody seems to do anyway) but MIDI AU is the future exactly the same as AUi and AUfx are (AUmfx probably easier to type)

  • Yeah, AU MIDI is awesome. And the more I try it and think about the possibilities, the more awesome it gets.

    I don't know if/when/how BM3 is going to implement it but it would enrich BM3 greatly, opening its sequencer up to arps/step-sequencers/MIDI generators/... whatever the dev community comes up with. Not saying it's easy to implement, but it's fully in the spirit of the free-form modularity of iOS music making, except without the tedious app-switching.

  • @brambos i have comtacted the developers of Intua directly about supporting this and pointing to your developments, but they havent implemented anything i asked for yet haha, so we shall see ;)

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    @5pinlink thanks for info. Personally an integrated arp + transposable step sequencer appeals more for general use than using 3rd party. Way too much routing and page switching etc in BM3 already. Anything they can do to add streamlined functionality is a good idea imo.. In desktop daws I use the built-in arpeggio 99% of time just down to convenenience...

    Sounds like AU midi is gonna happen regardless and has ton of benefits too. Good times :) Guessing we'll see both arp options become available over time.

    Edit - I re-read the above 3 posts.. Maybe I'm not grasping the depth of integration possible with AU midi. Would it be as simple as dropping an arp AU on to a track? Would you be able to do things like specify whether to arpeggiate pitch vs arpeggiate pads vs arpeggiate slices? Hoping yes :)
  • Personally (My opinion, nothing more) I would suggest that built in would simply never get used by the majority of users, a quick example, I wanted a feature added to the sampler so that multiple layers could be used through a single modulatable amp and filter for creating heavy multi oscillator synths, for convenience it couldn't be beat, all built in, simple to set up.
    Most people just said "Use an AU synth" which makes complete sense, and so does "Use an AU Arp/Step sequencer/Euclidean sequencer/Sequencer with P-locks/step automator/Hardware controller with full automation capabilities/Splits/Chords/Scales/Filters etc etc" because a lot of people want a lot of those features.
    Development time at Intua is finite, this one feature opens the door (Just my opinion, not fact, nothing more than my own personal thoughts)

  • Cool, I'm down for whatever. If it works it works. But overall I think BM3 needs to aim to do complicated things in the least complicated manner so it feels as self-contained as possible. For a sequencer/daw an arpeggio is pretty bread and butter stuff. In Sonar the arpeggio is part of midi track settings. Takes like 2 seconds to hit it and go. And same with Sunrizer's internal arp/sequencer. It's just 'there' for quick trial and error.
    Maybe I'm underestimating how well AU midi will integrate tho. Either way, what will be will be.. Just hope it be's pretty soon ;)
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  • @triton100 no idea mate, probably Kirnu Cream for me, but i was told that i was lying because i said it was easy to use once you learn it by the AudioBus "Synth gods"

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