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  • I imagine we all like different styles of music and probably tend to gravitate to certain tempos when starting projects. Something like this would make it easier in general I hope. Anyone else?

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    Love that your annotation appears to be written in blood.

    Would be nice, but setting BPM is just not a big issue (or inconvenience) for me. Given the choice, I'd sooner have preferences for setting default grid, default pattern length, record quantise, automation record enable, and autosave settings.

  • Ha ha ha. I tried sweat but it didn't stand out. I hear you. It's possible to create a template project (I guess) and use that... but you know what? Being able to set a project template with no fear of save over would be great, that would cover the good points you mentioned too, would it not?
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    Not being funny here @Nick, but you already requested it and i put it in the list lol
  • Jaysus! Typical. Clean forgot. Sorry for the duplication @5pinlink ! Is the 'project template' concept free? Would happily turn this thread around if it suited better!
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    That original is for tempo pref and templates lol
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    For fecks sake. Ha ha ha! This thread will be refactored this eve!
  • Phew. It almost slipped off the page. How can I delete?

  • Delete the whole thread ?

  • Ok. Rethinking... I'll just let it slip to the bottom. Delete was a bit harsh. Forget it! Ta

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