Tutorial - Drawbar Organ with Drawbars (Single Cycle+Macro)

Using macros with a bunch of sine waves to create a nice drawbar organ.



  • Once again mind blown. Had no idea that organ sound was just a set of sine waves with individual settings. Going to experiment and see what happens if I use different wave forms...

  • Loving these tutorials 5pin.

    Two quick questions, if I may:

    1. What's the CPU load like when you start playing chords with this (with modulation and reverb too)? In other words, is my poor old iPad Air gonna need to sample this instead of playing it in real time?

    2. Any chance you would consider sharing your lovely single cycle collection (or telling us where we can get it from)?

    Keep up the great work.

    Tom K
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    Messing with the waves will give you some stuff, but it does tend to work best when you stick to all the same shapes across the 9 bars, but to be really messing with this sort of stuff we need sampler settings to stay in place when we swap samples.

    I have been told by other users here that i should shut up about the need for optimisation in the sampler, 9 amps and 9 envelopes here could easily be 1 of each, and that would make editing easier too.

    Hopefully we can get the single cycle collection to you very soon.

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    Thanks for the reply -- I wasn't intending to draw you into opening the 'optimisation' can of worms - I remember seeing how things got a bit silly on that front!

    I really appreciate your insight, knowledge and passion for audio and sound crafting, and it appears to me (and is a great shame) that some of the other users occasionally mistake your no-nonsense directness and matter-of-factness as perhaps being a little aggressive/prickly. I can only assume it's a UK/US 'lost in translation' anomaly. You definitely seem like a good guy to me.

    We (humans) are all a mix of smooth and rough edges, after all :)


  • Life goes on ;)

  • @5pinlink I saved the settings in a bank, loaded it up in a new bank, then loaded a new sample 9 times, moved them to the previous layers, and finally deleted the original sample. Bit of work, but preserved both the sampler settings and the macros. And indeed combining non similar waves in the layers sounds a bit off, however mixing them consistently (as in 9 layers each with a sine and a triangle wave) sounds great!

    @tk32 Check out https://www.adventurekid.se/akrt/waveforms/adventure-kid-waveforms/ download the pack, unzip, and check the AKWF_bw_perfectwaves folder. Also attached is my session file (including samples).

  • Many thanks

  • @huphtur Nice one for linking the Adventure Kid S/C pack :) Can vouch for that pack being a great resource in a bunch of scenarios/gear.
  • @5pinlink Do you sleep? :wink: Nice link @huphtur

  • Not as much as i would hope to @Nick

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    This is great, thanks @5pinlink

    I'd been trying to create a convincing organ bank using samples of organs. This sounds much better and is a lot more flexible.

    Anyone got any suggestions as to how to add a rotary speaker style effect to it? I'm currently messing around with assigning LFO modulators to gain on each layer and messing about with the settings. For tremolo. It's sort of getting there... but I'm thinking there might be a better way.

    I guess I also need to add a bit of chorus.

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    For a faster Leslie try a smidge of overdrive and chorus, for slower try a smidge of overdrive and flanger.
    To be honest though, they will sound really nice, but they wont sound rotary really, hopefully gets you along the road though.

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    Cheers @5pinlink,

    I'll have a wee go later.

    Regarding the tremolo; this is another occasion where it would be great to be able to modulate the gain at pad level, rather than having to add an LFO for each layer.

    I see this is already in the feature request list, requested by you.

    FWIW, I agree with you regarding the aforementioned can of worms. Hopefully Intua do too.
  • Nice stuff mate. Picked up this from op shop few weeks back.

  • Slick, I have always been intrigued by the Orla stuff, quite rare over here.

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