My first iphone beat

yeah.. just gettin up on this thing so yeah.. i'm liking it.. btw, how's everyone sampling? for this one, i actually held the iphone up into the speaker to catch the sample.. lemme know if theres an easier way.. i was thinking on the lines of being able to sample mp3s on your device, but i guess that'd be a stretch to do.. anyways.. here you go:

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    thats a hot beat dude.

    yea, what you can do is, download Beatpack right from this website.
    with beatpack installed, it gives you a server numbr, your IP address, on your Beatmaker, you add that server, and then you can download all your samples and stuff.

    with beatpack you can even make kits
  • dude get audacity. it's free on the net. Ideal for chopping your samples.
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