Is BeatMaker Commercial (Royalty-Free)?

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Hi there,

I realize this is a simple question but I want to ask anyway, since no one has actually asked this on the forum it seems. Can BeatMaker be used to create commercial free and royalty free music instrumentals to be carried out professionally in the music industry? Meaning, the beats provided in BeatMaker included both Artists Kits and BeatMaker kit samples provided.
Also how legit are the samples provided on and is this in any way affiliated with you as a company?


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    Answer please. This is very important.
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    Yes, you can use the samples from the BeatMaker Soundbank to create a derivative work, commercial or not. However, the samples cannot be distributed separatly. is not affiliated with Intua, you should contact the persons in charge of this website if you want more information.

    Intua Team.
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    The samples on are user based and often anonymous. I try to provide source and any other information I can and suggest you contact the creator if you want to use a specific sample for a commercial product. If there is no contact info available, I would stay away from it or only use it for personal use.
    Hope that helps.
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    Great, good to know intua and carmot have this info out.
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