Sample Stretch?

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Maybe I missed this feature?

I just got the program yesterday, and I've printed out the manual for some good reading.
I'm on a flight tomorrow so I'm hoping to get some good beat making in.

Is there a way to stretch a sample? For example to fit a sample over 2 bars in relation to the BPM?

Also what about using one note (I.E. a piano key) and spreading it out over the 16 pads to have different variations of that note?

Thanks in advance everyone! Love the program


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    There is a great way to stretch a sample to fit with tempo found in the pitch settings under scale. Works great.

    There is not currently a way to spread a sample across 16 pads with different variations, but you can load one sample to all 16 pads, then change each one manually.

    I'm sure that reading the manual will explain all of this and more quite well.
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    Thank you.

    I've printed out the manual and for once in my life, I can truly say, I'm excited to read a f*cking manual!

    That is quite the rare occasion. But thanks again for the quick hit answers. Much appreciated
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