Ok now 8 Tracks by an adept beatmaker

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Feedback would be great, thanks a lot
(seriously guys, give me some critique here)


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    crazy how so many views come and go lol
    look if youd like ill give your tracks feedback too! kmon community, Im asking with a please lol
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  • Gotta say cold jingle was my favorite track. It's all a learning process for all of us on this. It's holding me over til I get my mits on a new Macbook pro and Ableton. The one thing I have come to find is that you cant let the the intro run to long before you drop a bassline or beat in. Also, expand on your samples, good guitar riff or piano comes in handy or even some of the more obscure sounds. We all gotta make a start somewhere right? Keep grinding chief.
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    Wow! Some feedback, I'm so late to see this, I just quit on these forums cu no one ever tropes but thankyou! And yeah I've tried to learn more about not overdoing intros or certain parts of songs, also I've bought a few apps compatible with beatmaker(argon, thumbjam, and isequence) and i have quite a few projects going strong. I hope you read this because I'm just glad someone out there is on my page so to speak. If you have anything I'd be glad to hear it.
    Thanks again bro
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