'the Joshfaw- 3 new tracks. Feedback Appreciated

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Whats up everyone. Second post here just a compilation of my beats from beatmaker. Love this app and wanted to share that love <!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" /><!-- s:lol: --> but yea constructive criticism is much appreciated. Its the only way to get better.

Uno JamNumero Bluto (Jazz Trance)
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'the Joshfaw- ElLa (LatinAmericanDance)
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Dos Numeros Taos (Trance)
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    ok so the order from strongest to weakest in my opinion is 3 2 1 lol
    Your 1st project was good, the melody was just a bit off but I think Im starting to get your style, its very shifty, and I actually dig it for that reason
    but if youd like conventionality, keep in mind melodies often should match up with the percussion a bit
    the second was seriously great, I really felt that energy of some type of dance demon in my head forcing me to nod my head to it, I like how you used those reversed sounds to bring that type of ambience, only big issue i had was the high velocity of the brass, it was kind of overwhelming the rest of the sound at times,maybe put it down a tad?
    your third was awesome! short but I know you can add more, try a triangle or something along those minute lines to add a good soft touch,but to be honest its great as is
    nice set man, look foward to seeing more
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    Hey thanks man, yea with all of these I sort of forced myself into other genres to see what I could make out of them. Step out of my element so to speak. Its funny though your order of strongest to weakest because thats the order that I created them in. Glad to see improvement I suppose. Again thanks for the feedback.
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