Dj Shag - The Drive Home ( Hip Hop - Instrumental )

Dj Shag of Southern California's Hip Hop scene created this Instrumental Music with the Apple™ iPhone™ & Beatmaker™...

Recorded live...

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    how has this not got a single comment after so many views, I'd say this is the best beat I've heard that's been made with beatmaker, great work mate, keep it up...
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    Havent heard it, but fact is that most people on thia forum absolutely refuse to communicate. Sad really.
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    Thanks fellas... I appreciate the comments.

    I posted on this board because this app really gave me time to make beats again... Wife n Kids doesn't leave excessive time for studio sessions, other than to mix these down...

    I have an entire album almost done and I cannot wait to get it out there... All made with this APP and a few others of course...

    I have some talented emcees on it and will be shooting the second video single ( called " Technology " ) for it in a few weeks... I will post the track and video here for you to download and hopefully enjoy.

    Please pass it to your friends...


  • ZorZor
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    Dude! that’s awesome! and made on an iphone! wow, I’m buying an iphone today and this will be my first app for sure.

    Great track congrats..
  • The bass is doin' it man.
    This is impressive. Vocals too? Salud man. We gonna have to link chief. I dig your sound.
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    Why is that.... I put up a post cause I wanted to get some feed back, and I think I got about 20 views, but no reply. We need to support each others work when it comes to this program, cause if we don't who are. I brought a track of mine to a studio once, and the gentleman running the studio told me that he loves my beats, but he doesn't respect the way I make them. He was calling Beatmaker a scratch pad, nothing to take serious. I've been hearing a lot of great music made with BeatMaker, so we need to support each other's work, and keep doing what your doing no matter what kind of feed back you get, cause it will only make better and stronger in your kraft.


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  • A lot of my peers in the music game feel the same way. I mean I can't deny the fact that I desire to get my hands on a Macbook and Ableton, but all in all this thing is pretty awesome. People get impressed with your sound and then when you tell them it was made on Beatmaker they look at you like your'e are Klingon with 3 titties on your head rocking a Gordon Gartrelle and some Bapes. Some people can't get beyond the fact that you made something that good while taking a shit and havin' a smoke or while on the bus to work. On a phone at that! That's the kicker. The fact that it was made on Steve Job's soulsucker. Hahaha! People feel it's too "gimmicky". A attitude of you think you can do something as good as me on a damn phone?!?
    I nominate we do a collaborative mix set. Put it up for people for free. Nobody can collect on it. If the shit is hot and gets buzz then people may take a step back and look. It's not in the same class as autotune and I think that's the way people feel about it. You still have to have knowledge of sound and what sounds good put together. Tempo and change ups and such. I'm still learning, but that's what make is so fun. The fact that you can expand and grow on something so "gimmicky". Meanwhile, Steve Jobs wipes his ass on the shitter with Benjamins as the employee that lost the iPhone prototype is sodomized by steroid infused Cambodian midgets and is forced to write "I am a ginormous ASSTROLL!" across a blackboard 500 times.

    This my friends, as Hunter S Thompson would put it, is the American dream...
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    U know what, I'm down with doing a collaborative mix set, just to let peep's so what this app can do. Send me an email with more info and what you have in mind..

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    peace..homie, and keep banging out dem beats..
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    count me in
    just pm

    we can get a collage of diff tracks made by BM users the push it free across the net
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    Count me in as well, i'm getting back on my music mix have been gone on a break for like a week lol.
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