How would you like to see note velocity implemented?

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I was reading another thread, and someone was suggesting a "velocity toggle" to put velocity notes in. One way I could imagine this is to have a strip that can be pulled out to replace the edit/record section (or maybe even just a sub menu of the edit section). It would have a slider, somewhat similar to the one that unlocks the iphone (the slide to unlock arrow). As you enter notes on the pads, you could move the slider up and down to achieve different velocities. You could also overdub on top of a pre-existing track as it loops for tracks that are too busy to play the notes and control the velocity at the same time. As soon as you lift your finger, it stops recording velocity. Ultimately, this slider could be used to control and automate other parameters such as delay feedback or the frequency of the filter that I would imagine we would all like. Any other cool ideas on how to do velocity in Beatmaker?


  • It's a neat idea for real time automation entry. You do know that you can change the velocity of notes already recorded in the pattern editor though, right?
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    Yeah, it kind of slipped my mind when I was writing that though. Speaking of that, I'm pretty sure that between the velocity editor and the groove editor, beatmaker could theoretically generate a MIDI file, or have a standard MIDI file be imported to it (with the exception of the CC data.) That would be pretty helpful! Anyway, good lookin out on the heads up Tarekith!
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