ZSnake - Nascars, Police Lights &IceCreamTrucks (New School)

edited April 2010 in BeatMakers Showcase
For this song the sounds i was working with weren't working at first but then i just decided to modify them, i know how to pretty much get the sounds i want when i modify it. Then i came with a pretty good Drum Pattern then after that just had a lot of sounds to work with that i could of put on separate songs but i decided just to compress it to 1 song that's why the title is what it is lol. You have to hear the whole song to understand the title. This beat was made on BeatMaker, every beat i made on Beat Maker, the Quality sounds a little different when i upload it on my laptop. By no means does this sound the same way it does when i was making it. Overall i really liked this 1 and enjoyed making it.

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