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Ive just downloaded the app for my iPhone 3GS.

It looks excellent but Im a bit of a newcomer to using these types of package (I've a bit of experience using Korg DS-10 for Nintendo DS).

Can anyone recommend any good tutorials, preferrably video? I've had a look on youtube but haven't found as many as I thought.



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    I think this is on the wrong forum, sorry.
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    Starting to get the hang of using the pads to makes beats/loops and sequencing them. Not sure how to change the FX though.
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    Not sure what to say here. I got beatmaker about 6 months ago, no one really taught me much. I guess my best advice would be to first watch(or listen) and learn. Sometimes all i do is just a type of music and just listen to different sobgs and how theyre similar. You pick up on wgat is common and sounds good, then variate as you like. As for using beatmaker, you'll get the hang of it. Remember the looping is your friend, and for fx, i dont believe you can implement it into your song so that it takes effect automatically, its strictly manual i believe. In truth, the best way to learn is to be taught. Feedback is huge, and if your lucky enough to be taken under someones wing you should appreciate it to the fullest extent.
    Its tough being new, i feel you, just keep at it, and dont rush it, over time youll get better naturally. Btw, i highly reccommend using other things thab just beatmaker. Whether it be an instrument, another app or just your fingers drumming on the school desks(i do this 24/7 haha)
    Hope ive helped in dome small way and id be glad to answer specific questions.
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