Sample Cue Point

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I suppose this would be regarded as more of a feature request really...
I was thinking about how useful it would be to be able to set cue points in a sample to be able to trigger just part of it.
So for example if you had a max of 16 cue points, you could have one on each pad (like the pitch/pan/velocity modes) and beatjuggle (would be especially awesome for vocals!)
You could drop the markers in the waveform edit screen, and it could also be sequenced using the same mechanics as the pitch/pan/velocity modes.
Another use it would have is to be able to expand the number of samples you could effectivley have loaded (Memory permitting) but obviously you would only be able to trigger one "sample"/slice at a time

To me, this seems like a very useful feature, but as it could use a great deal of the already existing code/tools, it "should" not be a huge task to implement.

What are your thoughts?



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    I agree; this would be so much fun. I would never ever complain again about having only one sample bank if this were the case, because I could make the most of the 16 samples I had using this.

    I'd even settle for a feature like this without user-defined "cue points" but with just 16-evenly spaced start points. So, like, you can start at the first 16th of the sample (the start) or the 2nd 16th or 3rd 16th, etc. Even that would be so useful, and I can't imagine it would be very hard to add.
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