Feature Requests!

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I've been diving into this app for a few months now and here are a few things I'd love to see in an update:

1. Click track while recording with headphones. This will allow for me to play guitar parts after I've made a beat
2. Record to existing loop
3. Add extra Pad option to Solo. This would be easier than muting all the other pads.
4. More FX boards with left/right swiping...maybe up to 4 if it's a processor issue

I'm sure I'll think of more and there are a few I've said "Aww I wish I could do this!" but can't.

DOS Beats


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    Told you so!

    5. or 6. Easy file management. If I press and hold on a file name it will allow me to drag it into a folder.
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    6. (official) Download user created samples and kits via your website and allow us to download them from within the app. See iPhone 4.0!
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