ZSnake - kHz (Hip Hop)

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I again found 2 interesting sounds that i liked and could use on a separate song so i decided to do just that. The name come's from the high frequency in the beginning of the chorus then later fading away but for the most part the frequency being in the sounds i used. The song itself is intended for a format i don't usually use but was necessary. I used the Intro/chorus/Verse format. The song overall came good. I Had a better and newer version up but when i was updating it erased so i had to remake the whole song again this version is ok but my original one was way better... Way Better. Overall i like how it turned out, i used a similar drum pattern for this just like i did on Aztec.

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    Cant wait to hear it bro! Dude just yesterday i made a sick hardcore heavy rap beat,im going to post it soon, and im going to get a soundclick as well
    Ill give you feedback soon, but i was wondering, do you have spmeone rapping over your beats?
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    naw bro well not yet, there just instrumentals for now i'm as well making a crazy beat but on fruity loops. i mostly got the hang of it on beatmaker tho fruity loops im still getting used to but w/o i'll always use beatmaker, i'm starting to understand how to mix and master a bit. hey do you have an Aim? well i was just lurking on future producers and stumbled upon this page

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    There new like us as well so if anything.
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    Haha damnit Z i feel like your one step ahead, my cuz and i just pitched together for ableton but i dont have a laptop so our "studio" is all at his house(he has guitars, a band,synth,autotune,ect.) so i have to set up a day to just go and make music. Good to hear your expanding, im hoping i can pick up on it too.
    Also, i might actually get a friend to rap over my new track "Stompin" , if anything itll be funny at the least haha.
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    Haha nice the beat i'm making on fruity loops as well i'm gonna send it to my bro he's an artist so i can relate for the most part man. I been all day today just studying fruity loops making my beat and watching mad youtube videos of people making beats, it sometime just inspire's you to get better cause there's alot of talent out there bro.
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    Sup Z, so I finally got to listen to your tracks! pretty sweet stuff man. Space is really ambient and chill, and kHz is different but good also. Aztec was another ambient like track I enjoyed. Keep it up bro, I dig it.
    I got to make my Soundclick btw, came out good I think.
    I made a few new tracks, one of them is on called Stompin, its rap/heavy dub.

    keep me posted bro, I just got to work with Ableton. Amazing how simple it makes it.
    Talk to you later bro, stay up!
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    Haha Thanks bro. I added you by the way already as well, as of right know I'm almost done with a slow techno type powerhouse beat. I decided why not try it i'm not really trying to be one dimensional anyway i wanna get good to the point where i can do any type of music, it should be like that for every type of person wanting to be great at what they do. Yo i'm gonna check out your new tracks, keep me posted as well man. I was listening to your track Codid as well to get an idea it helped me alot bro <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> haha peace bro, Stay Up!
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