ideas for ipad

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hello developers at intua.

first off, let me start by saying thank you for making such an amazing app for music creators. it's because of apps like beatmaker, that i saw the greatness and potential revolution that the ipad can be, and one of the main reasons that i am investing in a 64gb 3g model. what is funny, is how difficult it is to explain that to anti-ipadist. (lol)

the moment i saw beatmaker on the ipod last year, i knew it was worth the $20+. and i feel the app was best as it could be considering the ipod touch/iphone screen size, so i can only imagine how a similar app would be amazing on the ipad's screen.

i'm sure my ideas and hopes for what could be are the same for others: that there will be a way for keyboard-like implementation for real time live recording. i love the pads, and they are gems for percussion and effects. maybe an option for a keyboard could become available for those of us who like to make melodic melodies and musical build-ups.

i <3 beatmaker. i haven't seen another music production app that comes close to it yet. here's to the future. love.
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