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ok I'm not a computer science guy. More like a computer illiterate guy. I just want to know how when making a song i load a new patter in step two to add sounds it takes for ever. Every step that i want to add a sound i have to add a pattern. Its starting to really suck. if i have the same sound bank loaded for one patter then why cant i just go to the next four beat in the song and add the notes in the sequencer in pattern one. It seems like there should be an option for that. Does anyone know or am i just clueless on how this is supposed to work? i would like to play through 30 four counts in the song all using the sound pad adding sounds as i go. just for a simple, quick way to make a song. I' can already hear everybody's laughter.


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    ok so im not too sure what you mean but simple things to remember are
    1. when making a pattern you can have multiple pads,as a materr of fact, ALL pads in one pattern.
    but this creates monotnous music,which isnt dynamic and boring.
    2. remember to tap the pattern to alter it, this will open up the new screen where you can "write" the pattern rather then live record it.
    3. you can also change the pattern size,pitch,quantisization, and ect. here
    these are complete stabs in the dark. If you could be more specific I can help much more.
    Hope i may have helped
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