My attempt at an R&B esqe song. Wit a lil Boombap

I got inspired to flip this beat after watching a few 80's cult movies that are a few favs of mine. I chopped up samples and tried to make a boombap beat that came out sounding more like a R & B song. Basically it's a 2 verse song with a 2x change up at the end sound more R & B female vocal friendly. Input and feed back (good or bad though nobody seems apt to comment on these forums)please. Thanks.


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    I feel for you dog, so ill check this as soon as possible
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    It's pretty good i like the stops alot on this, Reminds me of my game a little.
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    wow, that is some quality music man. For BM, its excellent.
    I'm guessing your an actual producer?
  • Hell no man!

    I'm a rookie at this just like everybody else, but I'm different in the sense that I am a person whose fate is intertwined with music. My bread n' butter is art. Custom sneaker painting & graphic design. I'm a talented monster in a nutshell. To put it in a Hunter S. Thompson mindset, this beatmaking is just a way of me satisfying my "Inner Werewolf" for musical creativity. I was born into creativity. It's in my family. It's in my blood, my Damie. My father is an artist. Kalimba player, Knife crafter, American Pit Bull & American Bulldog guru & trainer. His childhood friend was a legendary Philly Sax player George Howard (R.I.P. "Uncle" George). My grandmother a poet. Uncle Bobby's former gangster and a great craftsman and artist in own right. I have several of his pieces in my apt. My other Uncle George plays piano, cousin Jaffar plays the trumpet ( You can hear him on Jill Scott's first album. Song is called "Getting in the way."). I have two other cousins, Fareed and Tyree, they both play saxophone. Aunt Tammy plays piano and sings. I used to play the drums & I play the kalimba and sansula as well (DOPE INSTRUMENTS & VERY EASY TO PLAY! My parents owned massive vinyl collections that tragically met dire fates. I do art to music so listening puts me in a particular creative mood and mindset. To put it in perspective, I quote the Godfather of American Kung Fu, Li Jun Fan, "Don't Think! Feel."

    On the beat side of this, I had the luck to have my first job in NY to be working at a music distribution company. Both co workers musicians & DJ's in their own respect. I've sat in or next to some of the G.O.A.T.'s in the game at work. I'm talking close enough to see the beads of sweat run off their face while they move the crowd. Premier, Pete Rock, DJ Spinna, Bobbitto, DJ Jazzy Jeff ( I first saw Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince at a block party in Southwest Philly back in 86'. Summertime for real.). The majority of my close friends or associates are either into art or music. That helps too.
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