1st Impressions

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After the price drop, I looked into Beatmaker a little bit more and pulled the trigger. After zipping through the manual, playing around with it, and uploading a kit I can safely say its a pretty impressive piece of software for the iPhone/iTouch. Nobody is going to make a pro beat on this thing from start to finish, but I still think you can sketch out a skeleton of what you want your percussion to be, and get some ideas down on the go. The sequencer view, delay with feedback, groove settings, adjustable sample length and adjustable velocity are what makes me the most happy. It gives me enough to place around with different grooves. I typically make music in Ableton Live 7, so getting through the manual and jumping into the action was pretty easy. From the impression of other posters, it may be their first portable DAW. I would like to think that a couple of tutorial videos could really help most people out. A demo video featuring various ways of using the stuff that is in Beatmaker, that separates it from the rest, might be doubly effective as well.

I don't have a microphone for my iTouch 2.0 yet, but I would like to try it out and record some beatboxing.


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    Yeah, BM is actually my first DAW period(small start eh?)
    But with the adidition of other useful apps, its become a pretty powerful "ministudio" to me.
    I actually am learning ableton also. To be honest i think beatmaker will soon be no more than a really good tool.
    As for the video, id like to make a series actually, but im not sure what to cover or how to do it. I really do get this program in and out.
    Only thing is, do you know how to record fx into the export of a track? Or is that not possible as ive set myself to believe.
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