ZSnake - Beauty Soul (Hip Hop) #9

edited April 2010 in BeatMakers Showcase
The Samples came from the erie pack by serg in iBeatMaker kits. I pretty much was looking for sounds to start a beat then found this kit with very good sample's on them. When i first heard it, it sounded like they where taken from a 70s old school Vynal record. The voice Sounds kinda Opera'ish overall very good. I pretty much found a good Drum Loop from another pack and decided to put the 2 together and it matched perfectly. I really rather make my own Drum Loop but couldn't pass on how good it matched so i left it as is. Overall i really like how it came out. Again i had to mix it on Audacity cause the quality didn't come out right grrrr so Earphones are recommended on this one, lol but i did the best i can with mixing it.

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