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Hey yall, just looking for some feed back on some tracks I made with Beatmaker.

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    Human Final is "different" I can say that.

    The You know it track, I would have liked to hear it instrumental form. I like the guitar riff you drop in. I think you should drop a bass line and change the drums. Drop a chorus in there to change up the loop, but I like it.

    The J Bond jawn has serious potential. You gotta put a little something else in there to spice it up. I like the vocal singing.
    Nix the "JBond" shout. Too much like DJ Clue lol. Again a bassline (something I'm guilty of not having in my tracks as well) and I would bring in some horns. I like this one the best. I hear peoples tracks on here and get ideas on how I would remix them.

    I guess I need to start uploading some kits lol.

    The Change your life Remix, not really feeling the drums and they punch too strong.

    Good sound though chief all in all, keep grinding.
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    Very mellow tracks, I dig that Jbond Flip and Problems of the World.
    That first track was def made using isequence, I can hear it in the vocal samples. Dont try to hard with melodies bro, youd be very surprised what just one of those samples can do on its own rather than try and mash em together. take a bit more time bro, dont forget these tracks.
    rather, come back to em to revamp em and give em a new life.
    stay up
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    Thank you all for the feedback, please keep it coming as I continue uploading more beats... all these tracks were made on beatmaker, thumbjam and nlogsynth. When it comes to the jbond voice, I just throw that in there just to protect my music, yah dig....

    If you hear anything you like, or you'd like to use in any of your own projects just let me know and we can work something out, I just do this for the love of making music....

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    I love hearing your feed back, I just uploaded some new tracks , let me know what you think.. and keep banging out dem beats..

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    The couple i listened to sounded really good. The first one ecspecially had like a jedi mind tricks kinda sound to it. Keep em comming
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