First official beat

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I'm not finished but here's what I got. I used both and Beatmaker. I love both of them to death. haha.

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    pretty cool for ur first beat. very basic but what do i know, i just posted my first beat too. we have alot of work ahead of us.

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    its a solid start, your only getting to grasping BM
    remember not to rely on loops to much throughout your learning, they tend to discourage creativity
    just keep grinding, its all practice practice practice
  • I was thinking about checking out that Noise I.O.
    There are a lot of cats on here that just look but don't speak. Which I find rather annoying. Egos and Assholes we all got, but let's not get it twisted. We are all newbies that either have a lot, a little or no knowledge of putting together music. This forum is about people coming together to showcase what they have done and their peers need to put in input. Big part of me thinks there are a lot of kids on this board & either their balls haven't dropped and they don't have the guts to give or dishout out honest crits of work. As an artist, once you bring for your "vision" into the universe and present it to the masses your are subject to their opinions. Good bad or indifferent. I have to say this is one of the things that turns me off about the creative worlds. Some people think they are too good to talk. It's bad enough the program gets flack from most music people as a gimmick, but when the people that actually use it don't have the bollocks to open their yaps and give input on work or do stupid posts about nothing it makes it worse. As you can see, I'm gonna stand on my soapbox and say my piece on it.

    On to my thoughts.
    I agree with the previous posts. Good start. We all gotta start somewhere. I've been learning the BPM science and how to tweek samples especially when drums are involved. And don't be afraid to go outside the box. Shit, I combined Double Dragon, The Cosby Show, Lata Mangeshkar singing "Jabble Hum Jiwah Hounge" and flipped Huxtable Krunk for shit and giggles. Why? Cuz Fuck it, why not? That's why. You listen to it and you don't know weather to laugh or dance... And that's the point! Nevermind if you can get a person to groove, but make em laugh too? Why not. Music is supposed to be fun.

    Do ya thing chief and keep at it.
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    Nice start. keep it up. I like the direction your going with this one.
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